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Friday, November 16, 2012

A night out

I got a call this morning from Beautiful Wife "BW" and she told that Don would stop by the house with a package and that we are going to a friend of Don's for dinner this evening in the city. I probably did not respond as I should have so I probably will be paying for that sometime tonight. I don't know who Don's friend is but was not worried too much about it. That is, until Don dropped out the package. It is a package of clothes that Don said was what I am wearing tonight so get ready. He offered to help me get ready and upstairs we went with the package. He told me to strip completely and do it quick. Not wanting to get in any deeper and I know the drill soon I was stripped naked. He told out of the bag an adult diaper. I asked if he was kidding, and he said, absolutely not and he was getting me in the diaper and for now, I have no toilet privileges. I hope I don't have to do anything serious. So I am in a plastic disposal diaper with a pair of plastic pants. And the clothes I have to wear are a pretty pinafore dress with bows and high heels. Don left to do some more errands and I am waiting for BW to arrive home and Don to come back as I guess I am ready as I can be for some humilation and punishment. Should be an interesting night and yes the dress is short and my diapered bottom is very visible.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And life continues

Like everyone else, life can get busy. Beautiful wife "BW" has been very busy the past few weeks with her business. I have been moderately busy and our special lifestyle has been somewhat quiet until this week. "BW" has gotten very fond of Don and of course because of that I have accepted what happens. Actually Don is a nice guy. "BW" is excited  because he is a man's man and is very gifted in building and fixing things. The total opposite of myself. Don and "BW" have decided that I am to be in chastity whenever we are not together (if practical). I have gotten used to chastity on a normal day to day basis but during our play time it is a big challenge. Earlier this week I received a call from "BW" who was on her way home, she said that Don was coming to dinner and for me to cook dinner and for me to be in the frilly pink panties and nothing else. I had no more than hung up the phone with her when Don called with the same instructions and also the news that he was unhappy about a few things I said and we would have a discussion later after they were both there. Don arrived first and he came into the house carrying a large box. I was busy getting dinner ready (I was in the frilly pink panties as directed) but fixed Don a drink and he settled down in the den to relax. "BW" arrived and she also went into the den to relax before dinner. We sat down and ate dinner and the talk eventually got around to the fact that I had not been properly disciplined for too long. Then I was ordered to bend over the kitchen island. Don took out a leather strap, pulled my panties down so my bare bottom was exposed and proceeded to whip my bottom. It really hurt. "BW" couldn't resist trying the strap and laying on several additional hard strokes. My rump was thoroughly toasted and in no uncertain terms, hurt! After the spanking, I was encouraged when Don took out the key to the chastity device and removed it I immediately "sprang" to action but then "BW" came out with the ball parachute and weights. Soon the parachute was in place and experiments were made about how much weight should be applied. I was then marched upstairs with the swinging ball weights swinging and hanging to spend some quality "corner" time. If I fussed or complained I got a smack with the wooden paddle on my already sore bottom for my trouble. It was a challenge to stand in the corner with the weight pulling and stretching my balls. After what I thought was a long while "BW" took pity on me and removed the weights and had me lay over the edge of the bed to service her. Don still had a few tricks in his box such as the big butt plug that he demonstrated his great patience to have it properly placed right where it was intended. And if you are interested, the chastity was once more locked in place. I will leave the rest of the evening to your vivid imaginations.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I don't think that I ever expected my FLR to go in this direction but as beautiful wife BW  says, we are in an FLR and the decision is not yours. As mentioned in previous posts, Don has become a part of this relationship and I have been tested by that. It has been a couple of weeks since the handyman (Don) saw BW give me a spanking and while doing some more work here, he and BW talked a lot about FLRs and what our roles are. I was a little worried about my relationship but I am beginning to accept that this is something to enhance it, not take away. So in case you are wondering, I am now a cuckhold. I am locked in chastity all of the time. The last week have not be allowed to stroke, touch or masturbate. I wear supple nipple cups for an hour twice a day to enhance my man's breasts. I am wearing a bra and panties for underwear. Don and BW decide if I need punishment, and I now also am spanked by Don which is certainly punishment. Don likes to watch BW use her strap on and her bought a larger dildo to use and I am in training to get its entirely up where it goes. Last night, BW and Don had sex.I had to watch. I thought I would be jealous but if I had been let out of chastity I would have been excited. And finally the best part was the order to clean up Bw afterwards by going down on her as I do so well. The humiliation set in when I was ordered to clean Don up. He tells me I better get better as that. I don't consider myself to have homosexual tendencies but BW tells me that I will be a good "cocksucker". There was incentive as Don also had a paddle in hand to encourage a good job. I join the cuckhold ranks. Harry who commented on my last post was right.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pushing my limits

I was given the assignment to add the following into the blog today. This follows the story of last week's spanking while the handyman was in the house. The handyman was very interested and amused that, a grown respectable guy gets his pants lowered and spanked by his wife. On Friday he was back to complete the floor job and the conversation regarding my situation was very relaxed between the beautiful wife and him. He had several questions about positions and so forth. He offered that if she needed help to keep me in line to let him know, he probably could make me mind. Over the weekend, I have been hearing a lot about this and that she is seriously thinking of taking him up on it. A comment on the blog by Ms. Julie gave her ideas confirmation. So I have been put on notice to be on my best behavior as Don,(the handyman) has a strap that he offered to introduce to my bottom. The "BW" wants to "spice up things" and thinks that watching a man spank me and my ultimate shame and embarassment would be fun to see. Needless to say I am walking a fine line. She found a few more jobs for him to do around the house so while he is here, I am on guard.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Properly Punished

In my FLR I work hard to behave in an acceptable manner and to understand my position. I need to be reminded once in a while (ok, quite often). It is a great relationship and I have asked for it and I need it. There are many men who simply do not understand that an FLR is wonderfully liberating. I have always enjoyed spanking activity, but in a former relationship that was not a possibility. In this relationship (we have been married 7 years), spanking is used as needed. Sometimes an erotic spanking but mostly it is punishment and while the thought of it gets me going that actual event is another story. The beautiful wife has talking about how our lifestyle should not be a "secret" that we practice behind closed doors. No we will not be running down the Main Street announcing it but it is what it is. She has been mentioning to me that she thinks that I would remember better and correct my actions better if the punishment were immediately administered. Of course, this is not always easy. Last weekend we had a handyman in the house putting in a new floor in one of our bathrooms. We were downstairs, (he was up stairs working) and we both kind of "forgot" he was in the house. And I stepped out of line and was ordered in a very loud voice to march upstairs to our bedroom and get the strap out and wait, which I did. She was very upset with me. Very quickly she came up to the bedroom and yacked down my pants and underpants, turned up my bottom and strapped me. It hurt and I was kicking up a storm when we noticed that we had an audience. I was mortified, but the beautiful wife decided "Oh well, can't worry about that now and I have husband who needs a spanking." After the spanking and I am sure my face was as red as my ass, I heard beautiful wife say to the handyman "Sorry you had to see that, but my husband should know better because he knows what happens if he acts out." I tried to put myself together the best I could and quickly went downstairs. At the end of the day as the handyman asked me to come up to look at the job and ask a few questions about some other work we wanted done, he asked me with a grin if I could sit down. I said, "Well not too well." He laughed and said that judging by what he saw, I was properly punished. I don't know how many of this friends he told, but he is coming back on Friday to complete another project.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Driving Home a Point!

Well, I have been taken to task for not posting on the blog as often as she expects. I plead that we have done a fair amount of traveling, visiting with family, etc. hence the reason that I have been quiet. Well, maybe not completely. We have been at the beach and to tell the truth I have a habit of looking at the women. Because of that I am in chasity, locked up securely. It is very challenging to wear a speedo bathing suit while locked in a CB6000. One thing that can be said is that it makes my endowment stand out. We arrived at home yesterday and the Beautiful Wife is taking another week off from work which as she says is good so that she can monitor me closer. We were hardly in the door when I got the lecture about looking at girls on the beach (why I could be their grandfather dirty old man?) Well yes, I am older, not dead, and I am not their grandfather. For that she exercised the hair brush and bath brush on my bare behind and then sent me up to the bedroom to get in position. In position means over a pillow with my butt up and open for her strap on. It has been a while but with perserverance and determination it got driven home. Hench my title, Driving home a point? Today, one day later, I promised I would post in between some chores she gave me so here it is. I am still in chastity and wearing panties. The strap on now has the name of Bully Billy, this morning I got woken up and required to suck on Bully Billy's stick which soon found its way home again. Two times in two days my bottom opened up easier today, must be getting used to my bitch status.

Monday, July 9, 2012

So who is in charge?

 We had a very busy long weekend and a great 4th of July holiday. We entertained family and friends and it was good to see and visit with them. We had guests from the 4th through Friday afternoon. That is the funny thing about company, it is wonderful to have them come and equally nice when they leave. As you can imagine there were a lot of chores that needed to be done. Beautiful wife "BW" said that she would help me by stripping the beds and I would need to get the kitchen cleaned up, dishes washed, things put back together etc. Since it was getting late on Friday I promised to get to the kitchen chores first thing on Saturday morning.  On Saturday morning, I woke up very early and I thought that I would go to the 24hr gym that I use, get my workout in and then come back and tackle the kitchen all before "BW" gets up. That seemed like a good idea until I got back at 7 am and "BW" was already up and not too happy that I hadn't cleaned up the kitchen first. To tell you the truth I was surprised that she was so unhappy about and voiced my opinion on the matter which didn't help me much. It happened very fast but I soon found myself with my gym shorts at my knees, my jock still on and my bare bottom very accessable. My bottom got acquainted with the paddle. It was not the hardest or most painful spanking that I have gotton but I was glad when it was over. The next few hours, dressed in a pair of panties to remind me of my place I cleaned up the kitchen and if I say so myself it looked great when I was finished.

In the afternoon, "BW" and I went car shopping. I know that I have mentioned previously that we are in complete agreement and very comfortable with our FLR. Well, things at the car dealer didn't go very well as the saleman kept talking over her to me. I tried to help by reminding him that I was not the one buying the car, she was, so talk to her. He didn't get it, he kept calling her the "the little lady" and was she sure that the particular model she picked out was the one she wanted and would I let her have the money for it. Yikes!!! Needless to say, she didn't buy that car and I sat in silence as she ranted about it on the way home. I hoped I would not get another spanking just because I am the same gender as the car saleman. And, she didn't take out her frustrations on me, which was good as I was still sporting some tenderness for the kitchen incident.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Time to be Grounded

I hope all Fathers out there had a good Father's day. I had a great day, a visit from one of my children and phone calls for the two children who are scattered far from me. One on the West Coast and one deep in the heart of Texas. Beautiful Wife "BW" also gave me a nice card and a gift of two new rose bushes even thought I am not her father nor is she the mother of my children.

This morning at breakfast it was noted that I had not contributed anything new to my blog since mid-May and it was suggested that my laziness would be corrected after breakfast. My previous post was on May 17th and as it is now June 18th is has been 32 days since my last post and so she thought that one smack per day per instrument in the "special drawer" would be appropriate. I was soon over her knee with bottom bared in position for re-acquaintance with several paddles and straps. I now know that in the "special drawer" are 17 different implements. So 17X32= 544 smacks. Some were not that hard and some quite hard. As usual I needed it and I feel great with that feeling of a very warm well spanked bottom.

I always appreciate all your comments as those of us in FLRs do understand the total picture.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A figging is in order

Here it is Thursday and beautiful wife "BW" reminded me that perhaps I shown share any interesting weekend experince from last weekend. I did not have any particular plans other than some outside work in gardens. Saturday morning, "BW" got a phone call from Joyce, she is the sister to Janet of the couple Janet and Vince also in the same type of relationship as "BW" and me. We met Joyce several weekends ago. Joyce was going to be in our neck of the woods and asked if "BW" would like to go out to lunch and perhaps hit a few antique stores. "BW" loves antique shopping and said of course she would like to; and off she went while I continued my outdoor work. After finishing the outdoor work I went in the house and watched some local high school baseball on public access TV. "BW" and Joyce arrived shortly after that and "BW" told me that she had invited Joyce to stay for dinner. They had stopped at Bread and Circus (a very nice neighborhood grocery store that specializes in natural foods) and bought groceries. I was dispatched to the car to bring in the groceries, put them away and use them for dinner. We had some nice steaks, veggies to make a nice salad, big potato for baked potatoes, great bread and fruit. There were also a couple of healthy fingers of ginger root. It didn't really connect with me what that was for and I asked "BW". Joyce said "Don't worry about using it for dinner" so I put it aside. " BW" thought that Joyce would enjoy it if I ran upstairs, showered and got into a pretty pair of panties. I did not find that strange since Joyce had been with us for a weekend and she had already seen me in a pair of panties and had given me a spanking. I suspected that I was going to get another one. Upstairs I , showered, shaved, dressed in some pretty frilly panties and went downstairs to prepare dinner. When I got downstairs, both "BW" and Joyce were in the kitchen and they were working with the ginger fingers. It was then that Joyce explained that she was surprised that "BW" had not "figged me" before. I did know that it would sting but generally I do what I am told. Joyce had fashioned from the large ginger finger a large ginger dildo that I must say was perfectly shaped. We have a low counter in part of our kitchen which I was bent over and Joyce pulled down my panties, and "BW" unlocked and removed the chasity device and instructed me to open my legs. I admit that I was embarassed to have my anus on display but I did not have a choice. The "lube" was simply water. Water to wet my anus and water for the ginger dildo and then the telltale pressure. I know the drill as I am regularly pegged. It did not feel too bad as the dildo pushed against my anus waiting for it to open and accept it. And soon the dildo was firmly guided up the anus and into what "BW" refers to as my "pussy" After a short while it did begin to sting which Joyce to her credit said would happen. Soon the cane came out of the closet and Joyce was building up a good tempo on my poor bare bottom. I really got in trouble when I instintively clenched my buttocks and the burn really took hold . was hot and very unpleasant...I certainly was not a happy boy at that point and my entire "poop chute" and back door was on fire. I did not get too much sympathy and my bare bottom was caned very hard. I don't cry very easily but I was a crying boy following this punishment. Mostly from the burning from the ginger root. Finally, the caning stopped and the dildo removed and I was sent to prepare dinner. Even after the ginger was out, I was still feeling its results and it took a while for the fire up my ass to felt better. I hardly noticed the caning although my bottom was the color of a red tomato. The bizarre thing is that as the fire in the hole calmed down, my member go excited and hardly with a thought in my head I had a roaring hard on. Just like I used to have when I was a teenager trying to get into my girlfriend's pants. I won't bore you with all the details but let's just say "BW" and I excused ourselves quickly to take advantage of it. Multiple orgasm time. Guess the figging does have an up side.

Monday, April 30, 2012

In Service to my Goddess

It was another weekend that went very quickly. Beautiful wife (BW) still has me in chastity after deciding that I could not be trusted not to masturbate. I will say that the chastity does calm me down and keep me focused on BW. We had a very nice day together yesterday. As I had completed all of the housework on Saturday, we had yesterday to relax. We decided to go out to lunch and for that I got into a brand new pair of very silky pink panties and a garter belt and stocking to wear under my slacks that BW thought would look nice. At the restaurant she told me that she would choose and order my lunch. When the waitress came to our table she automatically looked towards me and looked a little surprised when "BW" ordered for both of us including what I was drinking. "BW" wanted to reinforce who is in charge in this relationship. It also is worth noting that while in chastity I have to sit on the toilet to pee as I cannot stand up. BW thinks that even while not in chastity she will require me to sit to pee all the time to keep me focused on my second in command status. I did have to use the restroom once and couldn't help but think if any one might have questions if they were to see under the toilet stall, the clothing that has to come down for me to pee. (But another thought!).

It was a beautiful day and after a nice walk and then she told me that she needed to be satisfied when we got home. I was excited and thought that my member would be released from his prison. That was not the case. At home we both undressed and she positioned her womanhood so that I could worship it and bring to climax with my tongue. Apparently I did a good job. After her release spent a few minutes cuddling, and then she donned her strap on and took me in the position that I am now very familiar with. My member was a little uncomfortable because he couldn't do anything about it as the dildo found a rhythm in and out and probed deeply into my nether parts.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Sting

There have been two issues in our household lately that I have been having a bit of a problem with. Those issues are masturbation and surfing porn on the internet. The Beautiful Wife (BW) continues her efforts to make me a better person or maybe a better disciplined person and more accountable for my actions. I am constantly learning that "the truth shall set you free" and while I think I am truthful and a good husband these are habits can lead to deceitfulness. The masturbation has been kept in check by the chastity device  firmly locked in place. BW is pleased with the results and I will say that when it is time to pay attention to her the results are obvious. BW has had the theory (and I would say she is correct) that the practice of surfing porn exacerbates the masturbation issue. I guess that is not a complicated concept to understand. With the advent of the internet the opportunity to view porn is made very convenient. I remember as a 14 year old (if I was lucky enough to score a Playboy magazine, hiding it in my room and looking at it in private and with a great deal of pleasure.  However, BW thinks that I am having too much pleasure. We have been following another blog written by an intelligent young lady named Julie, called Strict Julie Spanks. She has installed a software program on her husband's computer. I have commented on the blog, couldn't help but look at a few very nice pictures. Julie told me that they weren't for me to look at and suggested that I would be a good candidate to get the belt. BW agreed and told me that I better watch it and of course this morning I was at the porn again and my luck ran out when I was caught red handed. I am now red assed. She has a leather strap that packs a wallop and it connected several times on my bare bottom this morning. Each implement affects a bare bottom differently. This one stung like a bee. I doing some work on the computer this morning. (No Porn!) and I am having a lot of trouble sitting down.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Miscellaneous Ramblings

A few weeks has passed since our visitors were with us and life in our household continues on. Beautiful wife (BW) has been busy at work and I have had some time to do some work around the house. I have a list, no I can't call it a "honey-do" list, as it is a list I had better do or "pay the consequences" list. One of my jobs was to build a cart with castors on the bottom with a small cabinet with drawers and also an upright peg board with hooks. This will be used to storage BW's paddles, belts, cane and toys. I finished it yesterday and if I say so myself it turned out very nice. It can be easy tranported to where it is needed, can be put away easily, if we have guests with a gentler constitution than us. It also can be easy retrieved if a husband needs the feel of a paddle on his bottom. BW will experiment with it and perhaps will leave it in a place so that it will be visible at all times and a man might think twice about his behavior. I will let you know if it helps me stay in line. BW continues having fun buying toys through the internet. One new one recently acquired is what is called a "cum along". It is a leather strap the winds in a circle to encircle the man's balls and cock. BW can then cinc it tight and lead the individual to whom the cock is attached to where she wants him to be. So if anyone thinks BW is leading me around by the cock, they would be right. Due to my propensity to masturbate I am in chastity most of the time. Actually that works well as when time comes to use it, it is ready. A few times lately I have not acted as required. I was released to take a shower and I masturbated. The rest of the day I was on my knees with the humbler locked on and I wished I hadn't done that. I have to admit, I would have rather gotten a spanking.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a weekend!!!

As mentioned previously we were expecting house guests and they arrived late Friday afternoon. Janet, her husband Vincent and her sister Joyce. They are fun people and we had a very nice time with them and we were somewhat naughty. Although I must tell you I was corrected several times over the weekend and I might say this more than once, my bottom is very sore. Beautiful wife "BW" made sure that we were ready for our guests. I had spent two days cleaning and making our home comfortable for all. On Friday afternoon, BW made sure that I was wearing proper panties and a nice French Maid's outfit that she bought on line. This is what I was wearing when Janet, Vinc and Joyce arrived. BW enjoyed their reaction very much, especially Joyce's because it was the first time we met her and I am sure she did not know what to expect. After modeling my outfit and showing my frilly panties and BW explaining that I was safely locked in chastity and what she thinks the benefits of that are; we offered our guests some appetizers and a cocktail. Janet was not pleased with her rum and coke as I had not used the proper brand of rum and after consultation with BW, Janet put me over her lap, pulled down my panties and hand spanked my bare bottom. If that was to be a warm up, I was in deep crap because it was very hard and it certainly got my attention. You can expect that I will remember what brand she prefers in the future. For a moment, the old conservative me was back and I was very embarrassed that I was being spanked by a woman who was not my wife and also in front of an audience. At that moment, Vincent quite happy to see get a licking and it felt like I was the only bottom in the room. That feeling was just a fleeting one as it passed with the increased heat and the redness of my behind matched that of my face. After that spanking and I pulled dinner together, I was getting excited but couldn't do much about it in my chastity. Saturday, BW and Janet went into town to shop with Vince in tow, to carry the packages. I took Joyce on a tour of the historical places in our community. She was very interested in all the ins and outs of a FLR. She is very quiet person (or so I thought). We all met up for Saturday dinner during discussions of where we should go out to eat, it was mentioned that both Vincent and I had not been exactly "perfect" all day so a spanking would be in order. Joyce asked BW if she could spank me and soon I was over Joyce's lap with pants and panties lowered and (watch out for quiet ones) she literally made my behind jump with each strike, I got a lot of them before I was allowed up. Vincent got to go over BW's lap and soon his bottom matched the red of mine and I must admit it gave me a lot of satisfaction to see him finally get what he needed. Saturday night when BW and I were in our bedroom we had a discussion about the day and BW told me that just because she had allowed the other woman to pull down my panties and spank me did not mean that she did not care about me or love me any less. That is what I love about BW. She takes care of me and knows what is good for me. To show her love I positioned myself in the "love position" and she donned her strap-on and made passionate love after which she took off the chastity and allowed me to relieve my built up tension. Maybe this chastity thing is not that Sunday, back in chastity, I made a big breakfast and we all had a leisurely morning with our guests, before they headed back to Connecticut. But before they left both Vincent and I were again bare bottomed and spent some quality time across each of the ladies laps. After they left, safety locked in chastity, pulled up my panties over my very sore behind, got dressed and did my chores. What a weekend, I am still having trouble sitting.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Upcoming weekend

I am at home today getting my housework done as the beautiful wife "BW" and I are expecting houseguests tomorrow night. Our FLR friends, Janet and Vincent and Janet's sister Joyce are expected. I have never met Joyce but she knows how it works with Janet and Vinc and probably also with the BW and me. It is beautiful out but my inside tasks are taking priority. The girls will be going shopping in town on Saturday and I don't know what Vinc and will be doing. Since my last post that I mentioned I was on probation, things are going well, although I am not completely released from chastity. BW does like the fact that when it comes off I am ready to go. Actually, I like that too. I have managed to avoid punishments as I have tried to be good although we have had a few erotic spankings with our lovemaking that were very nice. BW has made it clear that this weekend I had better remember that the women are in charge. She has given Janet permission to correct whatever needs to be corrected and she is also assuming that for Vincent. I am wondering how Joyce will fit into this scenerio but time will tell. Joyce has never visited the Minuteman Park and the historical sites here so BW thinks that I could be the tour guide for those. I am having a lot of fun thinking of what might happen although I have to be careful as my chastity device does not mix with an erection.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


The word probation can bring a lot of visions to one's mind. Usually it refers to the status of a person convicted of a crime. Although in my case, I committed a crime in our household, but I have not read any court cases about it. Beautiful wife (BW) had a very busy day Saturday and I was in the mood all day and I hoped that Saturday night would be chance for us to make love. No such luck, BW was dead tired and we went to bed early. She dozed off but I could not escape the interest by my second head. Finally, I needed relief so off I went to the bathroom to take care of the need. (Bad move) Apparently when I got up I woke up BW and she followed me to the bathroom after a few minutes and caught me masturbating. Well, I would have if I could have had a few more minutes. BW hates that, and she ordered me back to the bedroom and I got a very "unfun" spanking and by the time she was done my bottom matched the color of the City's fire trucks. And that is appropriate because my bottom was on fire! I wasn't thinking about masturbating at that moment. Out of the bottom bureau drawer came the chastity belt that we got from "Locked in Steel" and I expect to be locked up for a while. Very embarrassing, and to quote the good woman, I am on "probation".

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FLR-When will I learn?

By now, those of you that are kind enough to read my blog know that I am very happy in my FLR. I enjoy not being in charge and I enjoy some of the playful punishments and maybe to some extent, some of the not so playful punishments. But the fact is, I am a man who can be very stubborn. The beautiful wife (BW) works very hard at her family's business. An auto parts store. She is a successful business woman and I truly admire her. My line of work is totally difference as a business consultant and I have more freedom with my work schedule than she. This is why I am the housekeeper and the cook. Last Saturday, the phone rang at 6 am (always not a good sign) and it was the parts driver delivery man from the store advising BW that he could not come to work because he was sick. Now, I have helped in the past and can do the job since all I have to do is deliver the parts and not pick them out. BW said to me " I have a very busy day today and you will have to be the part deliverer." I had other plans, and I had a little tantrum about it. I knew pretty quickly that I had screwed up. I immediately got my pants and underpants lowered and a quick hard paddling on the bare bottom. Yes it got my attention. I was not given my pants back but ordered upstairs and she would "help me" get ready for work. Up the stairs I went with a bare behind. In the bedroom, I was placed in "diaper position" and secured in a bulky adult diaper and rubber pants. (I don't like that) and then told to dress in my work uniform for the store. Since I acted like a baby, I was going to be treated like one. I spent Saturday and Sunday diapered and having to ask to have my diaper changed. I will say that it was unique wondering if any one I came in contact with knew I was in a diaper and of course if I needed to wiz, I just let loose.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Checking In

As has been the case for the past several months, I have not posted to the blog as frequently as beautiful wife (BW) thinks is appropriate. We had a discussion about it and as I write this I am sitting on a very sore bottom. I have been told that if I comment about how busy I am and that is the reason for not blogging, (everyone is busy) and she will invite all who read the blog to have a crack at my behind. So I won't do that. The reason is as we discussed, I have gotten lazy, and I do not have a defense. BW did accompany me on a business trip to Florida and we did have some time to enjoy the weather and the sights. We went shopping in a local mall and stopped by the Victoria Secret store. (Actually at this point, I am not sure if it were Victoria Secret or another name, but you know the kind of store.) Looking at the lingerie, BW thought that we should pick up some new panties for the sub in the marriage. After some time of looking at various types and being asked (more than once) by the sales staff if we needed any help she finally made a decision and she said (a little louder, than I would have wished) "There you will look pretty in those panties", overheard by a young couple who had wandered closer than I was comfortable. I sure that my face was as red or nearly as red as my bottom would be later that evening. I tried to shuff it off, paid for our purchases and got out of the store. We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I took a nice shower and when I got out I was called to stay naked and bend over the bed. (She had not cared for my behavior at the lingerie store) She had packed the wooden paddle with the holes in it and one of her favorites, a leather strap with a punch. She went to town and for those of you on the bottom you know what I mean when I say..yikes the heat....I got put in the new panties and we went to dinner, needless to say, I was not very comfortable sitting down. Back at the hotel I learned that she brought her strap on and used it for the purpose intended. We are now back at home and in the groove and just prior to me updating the blog a little, we had a wake-up session and I was reacquainted with a few items from her collection...Hence the reason for the sore bottom (again).