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Saturday, September 22, 2012


I don't think that I ever expected my FLR to go in this direction but as beautiful wife BW  says, we are in an FLR and the decision is not yours. As mentioned in previous posts, Don has become a part of this relationship and I have been tested by that. It has been a couple of weeks since the handyman (Don) saw BW give me a spanking and while doing some more work here, he and BW talked a lot about FLRs and what our roles are. I was a little worried about my relationship but I am beginning to accept that this is something to enhance it, not take away. So in case you are wondering, I am now a cuckhold. I am locked in chastity all of the time. The last week have not be allowed to stroke, touch or masturbate. I wear supple nipple cups for an hour twice a day to enhance my man's breasts. I am wearing a bra and panties for underwear. Don and BW decide if I need punishment, and I now also am spanked by Don which is certainly punishment. Don likes to watch BW use her strap on and her bought a larger dildo to use and I am in training to get its entirely up where it goes. Last night, BW and Don had sex.I had to watch. I thought I would be jealous but if I had been let out of chastity I would have been excited. And finally the best part was the order to clean up Bw afterwards by going down on her as I do so well. The humiliation set in when I was ordered to clean Don up. He tells me I better get better as that. I don't consider myself to have homosexual tendencies but BW tells me that I will be a good "cocksucker". There was incentive as Don also had a paddle in hand to encourage a good job. I join the cuckhold ranks. Harry who commented on my last post was right.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pushing my limits

I was given the assignment to add the following into the blog today. This follows the story of last week's spanking while the handyman was in the house. The handyman was very interested and amused that, a grown respectable guy gets his pants lowered and spanked by his wife. On Friday he was back to complete the floor job and the conversation regarding my situation was very relaxed between the beautiful wife and him. He had several questions about positions and so forth. He offered that if she needed help to keep me in line to let him know, he probably could make me mind. Over the weekend, I have been hearing a lot about this and that she is seriously thinking of taking him up on it. A comment on the blog by Ms. Julie gave her ideas confirmation. So I have been put on notice to be on my best behavior as Don,(the handyman) has a strap that he offered to introduce to my bottom. The "BW" wants to "spice up things" and thinks that watching a man spank me and my ultimate shame and embarassment would be fun to see. Needless to say I am walking a fine line. She found a few more jobs for him to do around the house so while he is here, I am on guard.