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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FLR-When will I learn?

By now, those of you that are kind enough to read my blog know that I am very happy in my FLR. I enjoy not being in charge and I enjoy some of the playful punishments and maybe to some extent, some of the not so playful punishments. But the fact is, I am a man who can be very stubborn. The beautiful wife (BW) works very hard at her family's business. An auto parts store. She is a successful business woman and I truly admire her. My line of work is totally difference as a business consultant and I have more freedom with my work schedule than she. This is why I am the housekeeper and the cook. Last Saturday, the phone rang at 6 am (always not a good sign) and it was the parts driver delivery man from the store advising BW that he could not come to work because he was sick. Now, I have helped in the past and can do the job since all I have to do is deliver the parts and not pick them out. BW said to me " I have a very busy day today and you will have to be the part deliverer." I had other plans, and I had a little tantrum about it. I knew pretty quickly that I had screwed up. I immediately got my pants and underpants lowered and a quick hard paddling on the bare bottom. Yes it got my attention. I was not given my pants back but ordered upstairs and she would "help me" get ready for work. Up the stairs I went with a bare behind. In the bedroom, I was placed in "diaper position" and secured in a bulky adult diaper and rubber pants. (I don't like that) and then told to dress in my work uniform for the store. Since I acted like a baby, I was going to be treated like one. I spent Saturday and Sunday diapered and having to ask to have my diaper changed. I will say that it was unique wondering if any one I came in contact with knew I was in a diaper and of course if I needed to wiz, I just let loose.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Checking In

As has been the case for the past several months, I have not posted to the blog as frequently as beautiful wife (BW) thinks is appropriate. We had a discussion about it and as I write this I am sitting on a very sore bottom. I have been told that if I comment about how busy I am and that is the reason for not blogging, (everyone is busy) and she will invite all who read the blog to have a crack at my behind. So I won't do that. The reason is as we discussed, I have gotten lazy, and I do not have a defense. BW did accompany me on a business trip to Florida and we did have some time to enjoy the weather and the sights. We went shopping in a local mall and stopped by the Victoria Secret store. (Actually at this point, I am not sure if it were Victoria Secret or another name, but you know the kind of store.) Looking at the lingerie, BW thought that we should pick up some new panties for the sub in the marriage. After some time of looking at various types and being asked (more than once) by the sales staff if we needed any help she finally made a decision and she said (a little louder, than I would have wished) "There you will look pretty in those panties", overheard by a young couple who had wandered closer than I was comfortable. I sure that my face was as red or nearly as red as my bottom would be later that evening. I tried to shuff it off, paid for our purchases and got out of the store. We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I took a nice shower and when I got out I was called to stay naked and bend over the bed. (She had not cared for my behavior at the lingerie store) She had packed the wooden paddle with the holes in it and one of her favorites, a leather strap with a punch. She went to town and for those of you on the bottom you know what I mean when I say..yikes the heat....I got put in the new panties and we went to dinner, needless to say, I was not very comfortable sitting down. Back at the hotel I learned that she brought her strap on and used it for the purpose intended. We are now back at home and in the groove and just prior to me updating the blog a little, we had a wake-up session and I was reacquainted with a few items from her collection...Hence the reason for the sore bottom (again).