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Saturday, February 26, 2011

You are not in charge

It has been a while since I updated my blog and my wife tells me that I have no excuse. So I won't try to give one. I have a wonderful close marriage and am extremely happy. And even thought some men or couples would find it very strange my household is female led. I am reminded often and I agree that sometimes even at age 56, I behave like a 14 year old brat. In this household 14 year old brats are only tolerated so long and then the brat's bare behind is in serious trouble. I am spanked often, most often playfully, no pain just a way to show affection and very often leads to something very intimate. But I also am disciplined when needed and that is not so fun. Most often my misbehavior is a result of not thinking out things thoroughly and by not thinking things out I break the rules. While we are not rich people, we are not poor people either. I have a tendency to spend money without talking it over. We have worked on that a lot and things are usually now good in that department. But a few weeks ago, I have made some purchases that I didn't not discuss or really think out for that matter. Then the credit card bill came in the mail. I was at work when I got a phone call from my wife asking me about the charges on the credit card. After a few minutes of conversation, I was like a teenager who got caught smoking his mother's cigarettes. I am at work, dressed in a nice suit, the man in charge and just been informed that when I get home I am getting a punishment spanking on my bare bottom and it will be sore for a long time. I don't know about you but the rest of the afternoon that was all I could think about. The afternoon flew by and soon I had to go home and face the music or should I say, the wooden paddle and the hair brush. I arrived home and the first thing I noticed was one of the dining room chairs in the middle of the living room. Not a good sign. My greeting was not " how are you honey?" or  "wonderful to see you", but instead I was told in a tone that one does not argue with to strip naked and put on my punishment panties and get in the corner for a while because we had to talk. I didn't do much talking I was the one going to listen. And listen I did for twenty minutes solid, I was in deep. Then over to the chair over her lap, panties pulled down and I got a hard, hard spanking. My bare bottom was on FIRE. and for good measure she kept it up. I am usually pretty stoic but I wasn't so stoic this time. And yes because I go have the mentality of a 14 year old boy I very often get erect when being spanked but that was not in the equation. So, that was the result of thoughtlessness on my part and in my household that is what happens.And literally for three days I had to think about it before I sat down.