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Friday, May 22, 2015


We had an interesting day last Saturday. My wonderful wife has chatted on line with a women she met on line that also is in an FLR. They have become "cyber" friends. This couple lives a good distance from us but as fate happens they came to visit us last week. We met them for dinner in the city. It is always interesting to meet people who you have known only from on line. We hit it off and had a great dinner. As the wine flowed freely our FLR's were discussed in detail. We had met them for dinner at their hotel and it progressed naturally after dinner to go to their hotel room for a "nightcap". In the room the my wife's new friend asked if she could pull my wife's husband's pants and underpants down and spank his bare bottom, and perhaps both of us "boys" needed a spanking. In no time we both were bent over the bed, all our dignity erased as our pants and underpants at our ankles and paddles applied vigorously. Followed by a little corner time. As we took our leave and I sat very carefully on the way home. But the night wasn't over. Before sleep the strap-on was on and a good pegging session. It had been a while that I had ridden the big dick.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Time goes by fast. I am still being reminded that I don't post as often as she would like. For the most part though life is good. I am content being in the position that I am in. Married to a strong woman who gives me pretty consistent reminders. I am semi retired and once in a while I am called back to my former work to lend assistance. There, I am in charge and accomplished and respected. But back to retirement. I am subservient and take direction from her, and there are consequences when I do not follow direction, or disobey. Her business that she inherited from her father and has run a number of years, (the auto parts store and delivery to service shops, dealerships, etc) keeps her very busy and she runs that with authority. While the four men that work there are paid well and treated well and they have all been there for a good while, they are kept in tow. They aren't spanked but sometimes wonder if it would be better for them if they were. I work there to help out and and I am really at the bottom of the totem pole. The men there know that when I "screw up" things happen. And in fact the all kid me about it and in a way they emphasize with me. They know and a few have seen me getting spanked for a mistake. There is a cane in her office that has been used more than once with me bent over the desk with my bare bottom as a good target. I admit that it excites me to live this life but during the caning, spanking, paddling I change my mine quick and it is real punishment. 

As I sit here this morning my bottom is very sore. Yesterday I made a careless mistake at the store that the customer complained. It happened because I had not listened carefully to the instructions.I have a problem with that sometimes. Quite often I am spanked at the store but yesterday I was told that when we got home last evening she would "deal" with me. And that she did. Upon getting home I was told to go to the den and strip completely and position myself over the arm of the soda. She came in the room with several implements and proceeded to use them all. I don't know how many I got but is was the hardest and longest spanking I had gotten in a long while. And when I thought it was over, she proceeded to do the punishment that I hate the most. (Figging) She keeps a plug of ginger root at the ready, all peeled, soaking in water in the frig. That came out and no lubricate other than the water is was soaking in, was inserted deftly and completely up my hole. I was put into panties and bra and sent to he kitchen to make dinner with ginger plug. I don't know how many of you have experienced being figged but the burning does not start immediately but builds up over time. Forty five minutes it was there and lord help me if I removed it without being told I could. It was not a comfortable dinner for me, my bottom was sore and my asshole was burning. And when the root is removed it takes a while to subside. (Oh, and by the way dear, don't forget to put ginger root on your shopping list. Make sure you buy a big one, you know what it will be used for.) After dinner we did have some cuddle time so she could comfort me. Before bed she decided that my crotch needed to be shaved again and maybe a few days in chastity will help keep me focused.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year

Beautiful Wife "BW" and I had a very nice Christmas season and New Year's eve. The start of the New Year is always a good time to think about ways to make one's life better and to either quit habits or start good ones. Yesterday we had a sit down meeting to talk about our lives, our hopes, our dreams and is there a way to make them better. This was not planning in a fashion but proceeded naturally. I have been very happy in my female led relationship. One thing I like about the blog is that I can tell it like it is and there are people out there who understand. I won't begin to tell you all we talked about but we were very honest with each other. Truthfully for me I support all about our relationship although I have been very embarrassed some times when my punishment has been a bit public. A few weeks ago at the store you may remember I got the cane because I used poor judgement in a parking space. She did not close the office door as she caned my bare bottom. She responded that was too bad, I should have thought of that. And the three other men at the store are well aware that I am spanked and caned. That part is true although one of them, Jeff enjoys seeing my bottom spanked more than I would like. I didn't expect things in that department to change much but I appreciated the opportunity to speak my piece.

Then, I got to hear what she is thinking. She thinks that if too much time goes by without me being corrected I "forget" and my behavior slips. She named a few incidents in the past month where I was disrespectful to her or to someone else. She feels that I get into a "superior" mode from time to time that no one finds attractive. To be honest I can get caught up that way. So we will continue to work on it.

When our discussion ended she said that we might just as well start my "reminders". I didn't quite know what my "reminders" would be. I was ordered to draw a hot bath and soak in the tub and stay there until she came up. So I did, and of course I was both a little excited and a little apprehensive of what she had in mind. After a while she came in the bathroom with shaving cream and a razor. She said that since I acted like a spoiled boy sometimes that I would look like a boy when she was done. I was ordered out of the tub and in a chair with legs spread and my pubic hair was thoroughly shaved. My pubic region is shaved clean, no hair on my penis, my balls, my taint (love that word) and my bottom hole. Then my old friend the chastity device was locked on because I haven't been able to keep my hands off. Then a big thick diaper and rubber pants. And when I go to work at the store I will be diapered.

Today was my first day back delivering auto parts at the store. I am in very thick diaper and I waddle when I walk. Not to mention I am not allowed to change it myself. Fortunately I have not had to do anything serious. (yet that is). I have peed in it. I guess I will get used to it, with the big diaper under my uniform pants it makes my already big behind even bigger.

Happy New Year!