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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting back in track

Life can often pass by and you are so busy with day to day activities that you hardly notice how much time has passed. That is the case with me. I have not written for a while so here I am back. For the most part I have been behaving but of course continue to do my chores and accept correction as needed. The past week I did something very stupid and was taken down a peg or two.

I work part time for my wife as a delivery driver for her business. This week I had a delivery in the city and as usual parking is at a premium. I parked where I should not have after the delivery was complete and went to buy my lunch. Who knew that the city is on a crack down of parking violators and the van was towed to the Police compound. I had to go to the Police station, pay a $150 towing fee and a $300 fine. That was bad enough but had to go back and tell beautiful wife that. She was not happy. She dealt with my punishment immediately. Pants down, bottom bared and bent over the desk. Then the ever handy cane was applied to my sorry behind. The guys at the front of the store knew that I was being caned and one long time employee always has an errand at the back of the store to see me being disciplined. Now, a few days later I can still feel the sting.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have been in a FLR for a while now and one would think that I would be used to it and its requirements. For the majority of the time I think that I pretty much behave well as a good behaved submissive who knows that there are consequences when stepping out of line. Our home life goes fairly smoothly when I am focused and at home doing my chores and serving my beautiful wife. "BW". I have been partially retired for a few years with a little time spent as a consultant to my former company and working as needed at my wife's auto parts retail business. I am the go-for and grunt worker, everyone knows that and also know that the cane is BW's office is there for a reason. The rest of the time I am taking care of our home. BW has high standards for housekeeping and I keep myself busy to maintain those standards. In early March, I was called to my former job to pick up that slack from an employee who had to be out for an extensive period due to an illness. It was working full time and very busy for me. Needless to say my duties at home went in a tail spin. To keep up the house I hired a lady to come and clean and tried to give BW a hand at the store on a Saturday or two.  I am happy that this employee is now back at work and healthy and I am back to my status as of the first of this month. Well, as you can expect I developed some bad habits and last week BW has ramped up my re-training regiment. BW had let the housekeeper go. She didn't work out and now that I am back at home it is my responsibility. The first few days at home I did some cleaning and organizing. On the second evening BW brought to my attention a few jobs on the list that had not been done and a few that were not done to her satisfaction and I would have to do them after dinner while she was home to supervise me. I was ordered to the bedroom, told to strip off my clothes and take my punishment position over the side of the bed with my bottom in the air and legs spread open and wait for her. I don't know about other submissives but this position always gets me thinking as I am exposed and showing my most vulnerable parts. After what seemed like an eternity I heard her footsteps on the stairs and she came into the room with a small basin of water with something in it. Unfortunately it was a plug of fresh ginger root peeled and shaped like a dildo. I absolutely hate being figged. She told me that she needed to get my attention and get me back on tract. I would much rather be spanked hard than the figging but the figging was going to happen. Soon I felt my anus being wettened and probed and that ginger root pressed on the outer rim of my hole. She is an expert in giving just the right amount of pressure and letting the anus get used to something coming its way. After a few moments I felt my anus opening and soon the ginger root was inserted fully and properly up my ass. If you have never been figged, the sting does not happen immediately but builds up over time. I thought that I would be spanked but instead was put in my frilly panties, bra and maid outlet. and put to work. The first few minutes were not too bad but soon my ass hole was on fire. But no dice I had work to do. The problem could be controlled it you do move around too much. You certainly don't want to clench your ass cheeks together. However doing my cleaning and moving how I had do set off a lot of burn. After what seems a long time BW took pity on me and  lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties and removed the offending root. And taking it out is also not fun. BW said that since I was in discomfort six stokes with the cane should be not hard to take. Well I don't know if I agree with that statement, because my bottom was  burning when she was done.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Locked up

Well, a few days after my punishment from spending money that was not authorized I still felt the sting on my behind. A friend of beautiful wife's (BW) stopped in tonight. She actually lives a fair distance away and is spending the night. She knows about our FLR and what the rules are in our house.  After dinner I cleared the table and was getting ready to clean up when I was invited to join the girls in the living room. W hen I came in the room BW said that I needed to show her friend my chastity cage. I opened the front of my pants and opened the fly in my tighty whities to show the cage. The friend asked BW if I could strip completely in order for her to see. BW said,, "strip down" so soon I was naked and being inspected. The friend had just heard the story about the events of a few nights earlier. She asked BW how many strikes I took. BW really didn't know she just goes by the situation. So friend said that she always counts and did BW want her to demonstrate. Well I certainly didn't look forward to that as my bottom was still smarting. But BW said yes and what implement would she like to use. Friend said, "I think a hairbrush will do nicely and I happen to have one in my purse". She pulled a very mean looking hair brush with a hard wooden back. I hadn't seen one of those since my childhood. She ordered me over her knee and said that I would count and she would count so that after the spanking was over we would compare the number and if we had the same number than it would be over but if not it would be repeated. Now there was a time in my life that I never would expect to be over the lap of a friend of my wife's naked with the position assumed. Certainly it wouldn't with my first wife. Anyway the first strike smacked my poor sore behind and there was no warm up. The friend (actually her name is Arlene) gave me a rapid fire spanking and I lost count it was so fast. So guessed 30, no it was 25. So a repeat. Now 30 no 32. Repeat, now 35, no 33. Repeat Now 20, yes 20 spanking over. It possibly was one of the hardest spankings that I have ever received and you know that I am regularly spanked. I didn't cry, close though, it hurt. Spanking over I started to put my clothes back on. BW said oh no, you will be doing the dishes in a pair of frilly panties that naughty girls and boys have to wear.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Unauthorized purchases

Beautiful wife "BW" and I read an update from Strict Julie yesterday that speaks to the "correction" to David for spending money without permission. BW said to me, "Isn't that interesting, didn't we have a very similar situation? Well of course I tried to downplay that, (well maybe the situation was similar), $799 for a new tv set. And it was not sanctioned. Long story about the TV which I won't subject you to. End result, new TV no pre-authorization. BW said that Julie knows how to keep her man in tow and I clearly needed reminding of exactly who is in charge. BW does not normally require me to shave but since this offense was not a very grown up thing to do I was told that I was losing my bush. Cock, balls and butt crack and hole were shaved closely. After shaving I was to report to BW for her approval that I looked like the immature boy that I must be. So I did and she had me apply baby oil to my cock, balls and butt hole and rub over my butt. Then it was over spanking bench and implements were chosen. I was spanked with paddle, hair brush and razor strop. The heat was intense especially with the baby oil. My bottom burned and even though I signed up for this type of relationship, I was seriously questioning my dedication during this spanking. After the spanking was over I did one hour of corner time, actually over a kitchen counter so that my bare bottom was on display. After the hour when I thought I was going to be released she put a nice big glob of Crisco on and in my butt hole and then the big dildo. Like David it was not a nice gentle getting used to it but a quick shove that took my breath away as its fullness entered my very private crevice. In and out and in and out and I felt my hole widen and stretch as its mass was inserted. Then it came out and BW kindly took a towel and cleaned a bit of Crisco off and then the butt plug was inserted for the evening. Then sent upstairs to retrieve my chasity cage that was fit on and locked. Don't know when the cage will be unlocked.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Whole New Year

Here we in the second week of a new year. Business at the auto parts store remains busy. Actually the slower months are during the holidays. Guess not many people are interested in giving auto parts for Christmas. We did a few late nights of inventory which is always a pain in the ass job. But beautiful tries to make it as painless as possible and she bought everyone pizza for dinner one late night. One of the employees at the store is beautiful wife's cousin. He has worked there all of his working life and he is fully aware of consequences that I might face should there be a problem or mistake. The other three guys are oblivious.  Whether or not cousin has spilled the beans is hard to tell but the other men don't act like they know what is up.  Since my work days at my long time job have calmed down considerably, BW feels that she needs help at work and it keeps my mind occupied. I am the gofer. The delivery boy, the one who cleans the toilet, sweeps the floor and keeps the lunch room neat. I enjoy it and it is nice to be close to BW. But the cane is kept behind one of the file cabinets in her office and I have been bare bottomed over her desk for infractions. Yesterday was not a good day for me. I was delivering auto parts to customers (auto repair shops) and I delivered the wrong part. The guy was not too happy about it as he had a job to get done. After he called and told beautiful wife about it I immediately went and got the part and delivered it to him. Oops, you guessed it, still wrong. Beautiful wife had told me what to bring but in my mind I thought I knew what he wanted so did not listen carefully enough. Well he called and blasted BW. She had to sooth his feathers, get one of the guys to deliver the right part (I was still out with the delivery van) and offer him a discount, apologize and eat crow. I knew something was up when I got back to the store about a half hour before closing. After closing everyone except cousin, BW and me left. BW told me to go fetch the cane, take off all my clothes and present myself to her at a workbench in the back of the store. I reminded her that cousin was there but she did not have any sympathy for that. So humbled, I stripped brought her the cane and got into the humiliating position of nose down, bare bottom up. And the stokes began and they stung. Of course cousin came in and he enjoyed seeing me punished. Apparently he annoyed BW and he was ordered to bare his bottom for a few strokes. After few he was wishing he had left with the others. His was no where near the intensity that mine was but we both had very tender behinds. If nothing else, I think that he will definitely rethink telling anyone our secret as his might get out. I do have to say, as evil as it is, that I enjoyed seeing cousin's bottom getting whipped.