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Friday, May 22, 2015


We had an interesting day last Saturday. My wonderful wife has chatted on line with a women she met on line that also is in an FLR. They have become "cyber" friends. This couple lives a good distance from us but as fate happens they came to visit us last week. We met them for dinner in the city. It is always interesting to meet people who you have known only from on line. We hit it off and had a great dinner. As the wine flowed freely our FLR's were discussed in detail. We had met them for dinner at their hotel and it progressed naturally after dinner to go to their hotel room for a "nightcap". In the room the my wife's new friend asked if she could pull my wife's husband's pants and underpants down and spank his bare bottom, and perhaps both of us "boys" needed a spanking. In no time we both were bent over the bed, all our dignity erased as our pants and underpants at our ankles and paddles applied vigorously. Followed by a little corner time. As we took our leave and I sat very carefully on the way home. But the night wasn't over. Before sleep the strap-on was on and a good pegging session. It had been a while that I had ridden the big dick.