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Monday, February 24, 2014

Locked up

Well, a few days after my punishment from spending money that was not authorized I still felt the sting on my behind. A friend of beautiful wife's (BW) stopped in tonight. She actually lives a fair distance away and is spending the night. She knows about our FLR and what the rules are in our house.  After dinner I cleared the table and was getting ready to clean up when I was invited to join the girls in the living room. W hen I came in the room BW said that I needed to show her friend my chastity cage. I opened the front of my pants and opened the fly in my tighty whities to show the cage. The friend asked BW if I could strip completely in order for her to see. BW said,, "strip down" so soon I was naked and being inspected. The friend had just heard the story about the events of a few nights earlier. She asked BW how many strikes I took. BW really didn't know she just goes by the situation. So friend said that she always counts and did BW want her to demonstrate. Well I certainly didn't look forward to that as my bottom was still smarting. But BW said yes and what implement would she like to use. Friend said, "I think a hairbrush will do nicely and I happen to have one in my purse". She pulled a very mean looking hair brush with a hard wooden back. I hadn't seen one of those since my childhood. She ordered me over her knee and said that I would count and she would count so that after the spanking was over we would compare the number and if we had the same number than it would be over but if not it would be repeated. Now there was a time in my life that I never would expect to be over the lap of a friend of my wife's naked with the position assumed. Certainly it wouldn't with my first wife. Anyway the first strike smacked my poor sore behind and there was no warm up. The friend (actually her name is Arlene) gave me a rapid fire spanking and I lost count it was so fast. So guessed 30, no it was 25. So a repeat. Now 30 no 32. Repeat, now 35, no 33. Repeat Now 20, yes 20 spanking over. It possibly was one of the hardest spankings that I have ever received and you know that I am regularly spanked. I didn't cry, close though, it hurt. Spanking over I started to put my clothes back on. BW said oh no, you will be doing the dishes in a pair of frilly panties that naughty girls and boys have to wear.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Unauthorized purchases

Beautiful wife "BW" and I read an update from Strict Julie yesterday that speaks to the "correction" to David for spending money without permission. BW said to me, "Isn't that interesting, didn't we have a very similar situation? Well of course I tried to downplay that, (well maybe the situation was similar), $799 for a new tv set. And it was not sanctioned. Long story about the TV which I won't subject you to. End result, new TV no pre-authorization. BW said that Julie knows how to keep her man in tow and I clearly needed reminding of exactly who is in charge. BW does not normally require me to shave but since this offense was not a very grown up thing to do I was told that I was losing my bush. Cock, balls and butt crack and hole were shaved closely. After shaving I was to report to BW for her approval that I looked like the immature boy that I must be. So I did and she had me apply baby oil to my cock, balls and butt hole and rub over my butt. Then it was over spanking bench and implements were chosen. I was spanked with paddle, hair brush and razor strop. The heat was intense especially with the baby oil. My bottom burned and even though I signed up for this type of relationship, I was seriously questioning my dedication during this spanking. After the spanking was over I did one hour of corner time, actually over a kitchen counter so that my bare bottom was on display. After the hour when I thought I was going to be released she put a nice big glob of Crisco on and in my butt hole and then the big dildo. Like David it was not a nice gentle getting used to it but a quick shove that took my breath away as its fullness entered my very private crevice. In and out and in and out and I felt my hole widen and stretch as its mass was inserted. Then it came out and BW kindly took a towel and cleaned a bit of Crisco off and then the butt plug was inserted for the evening. Then sent upstairs to retrieve my chasity cage that was fit on and locked. Don't know when the cage will be unlocked.