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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A figging is in order

Here it is Thursday and beautiful wife "BW" reminded me that perhaps I shown share any interesting weekend experince from last weekend. I did not have any particular plans other than some outside work in gardens. Saturday morning, "BW" got a phone call from Joyce, she is the sister to Janet of the couple Janet and Vince also in the same type of relationship as "BW" and me. We met Joyce several weekends ago. Joyce was going to be in our neck of the woods and asked if "BW" would like to go out to lunch and perhaps hit a few antique stores. "BW" loves antique shopping and said of course she would like to; and off she went while I continued my outdoor work. After finishing the outdoor work I went in the house and watched some local high school baseball on public access TV. "BW" and Joyce arrived shortly after that and "BW" told me that she had invited Joyce to stay for dinner. They had stopped at Bread and Circus (a very nice neighborhood grocery store that specializes in natural foods) and bought groceries. I was dispatched to the car to bring in the groceries, put them away and use them for dinner. We had some nice steaks, veggies to make a nice salad, big potato for baked potatoes, great bread and fruit. There were also a couple of healthy fingers of ginger root. It didn't really connect with me what that was for and I asked "BW". Joyce said "Don't worry about using it for dinner" so I put it aside. " BW" thought that Joyce would enjoy it if I ran upstairs, showered and got into a pretty pair of panties. I did not find that strange since Joyce had been with us for a weekend and she had already seen me in a pair of panties and had given me a spanking. I suspected that I was going to get another one. Upstairs I , showered, shaved, dressed in some pretty frilly panties and went downstairs to prepare dinner. When I got downstairs, both "BW" and Joyce were in the kitchen and they were working with the ginger fingers. It was then that Joyce explained that she was surprised that "BW" had not "figged me" before. I did know that it would sting but generally I do what I am told. Joyce had fashioned from the large ginger finger a large ginger dildo that I must say was perfectly shaped. We have a low counter in part of our kitchen which I was bent over and Joyce pulled down my panties, and "BW" unlocked and removed the chasity device and instructed me to open my legs. I admit that I was embarassed to have my anus on display but I did not have a choice. The "lube" was simply water. Water to wet my anus and water for the ginger dildo and then the telltale pressure. I know the drill as I am regularly pegged. It did not feel too bad as the dildo pushed against my anus waiting for it to open and accept it. And soon the dildo was firmly guided up the anus and into what "BW" refers to as my "pussy" After a short while it did begin to sting which Joyce to her credit said would happen. Soon the cane came out of the closet and Joyce was building up a good tempo on my poor bare bottom. I really got in trouble when I instintively clenched my buttocks and the burn really took hold . was hot and very unpleasant...I certainly was not a happy boy at that point and my entire "poop chute" and back door was on fire. I did not get too much sympathy and my bare bottom was caned very hard. I don't cry very easily but I was a crying boy following this punishment. Mostly from the burning from the ginger root. Finally, the caning stopped and the dildo removed and I was sent to prepare dinner. Even after the ginger was out, I was still feeling its results and it took a while for the fire up my ass to felt better. I hardly noticed the caning although my bottom was the color of a red tomato. The bizarre thing is that as the fire in the hole calmed down, my member go excited and hardly with a thought in my head I had a roaring hard on. Just like I used to have when I was a teenager trying to get into my girlfriend's pants. I won't bore you with all the details but let's just say "BW" and I excused ourselves quickly to take advantage of it. Multiple orgasm time. Guess the figging does have an up side.