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Friday, December 24, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

The theme of my sporadic posts of late has been how busy I have been, a busy time of year etc. And I have been busy. I am not retired yet but most of the heavy lifting is done by the junior members of my company. In the past few months, the senior member (how did that get to be me?) has had to step up to the plate to work on a few projects. For years when I was the junior member I worked many hours and perhaps if I had paid more attention to my first marriage, it would not have failed. (Well maybe it would have anyway, there were more problems than that and yes if you wonder a lot of those problems were caused by me).Anyway, my point is, my beautiful wife of five years insists that we work together and devote our time together and I love it. But of late, it is easy to slip into "the mode". with the Holidays right on us all the pressures seem to "ramp up" and instead of enjoying the season, I am as ugly as a teenage girl with her first period. Maybe I am having my period, anyway: last night after I had made a negative crack about all the Holiday upheaval, the lady of the house, (yes, she is the boss!) ordered her immature 56 year old husband upstairs to change into a T-shirt and a pair of nice frilly pink panties so he would have a visual reminder of his place. Then downstairs, the husband (me) got to finish some chores, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, water the Christmas tree and for good measure water all the houseplants and by the way bring me the cane and put it on the kitchen table and pull out one of kitchen chairs so that I have a place to sit while I cane your big bare bottom. And cane my big bare bottom she did, I got a caning that I won't forget for a while. Did I mention that I hate being caned? Much rather the paddle or belt, but that was not my choice last night. This morning as I write this, I am having a bit of an issue sitting.

 So my friends that is the latest update from me. I also want to tell you how much your blogs and your "friendship and support" has meant to both of us. Our relationship is a wonderful one since our Head of Household has been established and the person not the Head of Household (me again) has periodic reminders of that.

Merry Christmas friends. May all our backsides be merry.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Punishment Spanking

Well, I have not been very communicative lately. Work has been wild and I have had to do a fair amount of traveling. Last week gone for two days and Monday and Tuesday away. Got home tonight and was confronted by the lady of house (and the boss) about something naughty I did. (No, I am not going to tell you what it was, let's just say I was a very naughtly boy). I no sooner was in the door that I found myself with pants and underpants down over her knee staring at the floor and got a very hard paddling and spent an half hour in the corner sans pants to think about it. After corner time another session over the lap  to re-warm my bottom so I remember. Right now I am remembering, I can't sit down but I am remembering.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Busy time of year

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. I know that we did. We had a houseful of family and friends and that makes for a good time. It seems that the past few weeks have been busier  than normal for me and the beautiful woman in my life. I am used to having some flexibility with work, now that I am the "senior" member but the past few weeks the older guy was needed. While that is not a bad thing it makes less time for me to be attentive to my beautiful wife and more likely for me to get wrapped up in my own thing. Wednesday evening when I arrived home I was reminded that I was the one who had invited several people for Thanksgiving and I hadn't done much to help get ready. So up to the bedroom I was taken for a little reminder. I soon found myself bare bottomed over her lap and after a good session and when I was feeling a nice hot sting in my bottom cheeks. I was put into panties and off I went to bake a couple of pies, vacuum a bit and other chores to get ready for the holiday. After a few hours, things were in place for the next day and herself decided that a good night talk would do a lot of good so the wooden slat that had been left over from when I built a garden trellis was put to use with me bent over the bed and my bottom (yes of course bare) in the air to be re-warmed properly for bed. God I love that woman! Hope all is well with my blog friends.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

End of the Weekend

I hate to think that the weekend is ending. For me it was a short one. I had been traveling for work at the end of last week and was away from home for three nights. I have traveled for work for a while but I hate being away from home. I miss my beautiful wife's direction. Seems I neglected to do something I was supposed to (this is a recurring theme for me) and that was noted on the home front. So as my friend's wife says, I needed a maintenance spanking and a maintenance spanking I got. It was the hairbrush this time and my bottom turned a nice warm red. It was a welcome home, now behave- spanking. Thank you sweetheart I am so lucky that you care enough about me to make sure that I am in line and I understand why a good part of my afternoon was spent bare bottomed over your knee. I also want to thank all my new friends for their support and understanding.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Husband Maintenance

Halfway through the weekend I am glad to report that things are harmonious in our household. Yesterday, Saturday, was spent doing all those many chores and errands that we all have to do. Bring my beautiful wife's car to have new tires put on all around. To the library to return  library books. To the bank to deposit a check received and get more money so these errands can continue and finally to the grocery store to stock up on provisions. Back home continue the ever present housework and I guess you understand how my day went. Sorry if I am boring you. Not necessarily because my household is female led, but because of job responsibilities, I perform most of the cooking and caring for the house. My beautiful wife, Margo works a full time job in town. My job is much more flexible. Some days I work long hours including evening meetings and travel and other times I have a lot of free time. But to let you know, these are my responsibilities. We have absolutely no issues with that, as a matter of fact I am pretty good at it. It is totally different from my childhood household, where I don't think my father ever touched the stove or my first marriage where I didn't touch the stove much. I continue to be so happy to meet friends how understand how a FLR works or domestic discipline can be very positive. After a nice dinner, an evening of watching a rented movie on TV, Margo told me it was time for me to go up to the bedroom, get the strap out of her implement drawer, strip down to my underpants and lie over the bed. She wanted to talk to me about a few things during the day that she noticed. Such as items or decisions that I had made that were not appropriate for me to make.. So, up the stairs I went and got myself ready as ordered. After what seemed like a long time which gave me time to think about what was ahead for me she came up, pulled me across her lap, pulled down my underpants and went to work. Soon there was a nice red glow and some heat in my bottom cheeks. While it was a very realistic spanking, it was not as hard as sometimes when I am being punished for a more serious infraction. I would love to hear your thoughts of punishment spanking vs. play sexy spanking. I guess my spanking last night was in between. After the spanking was over, Margo informed me that to remind me of my place I would be wearing panties until she tells me differently, and that while I am in the house I will only wear a t-shirt and my panties so that she be sure that I am wearing them. As I write this, I am sporting a very tight pair of yellow frilly panties that definitely were not made with my assets in mind. Guess for now I am in panties and maybe it is a good thing that I am reminded of my status.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is this the way to start a new week?

I got a spanking this morning for my behavior. I had bought a new shirt a few months ago that I hadn't
worn yet and I was getting dressed this morning and decided to wear it. I got
out of the shower, pulled on my underpants and then started to open up the
package for the shirt. As you know there are a lot of pins, tags, etc that you
have to remove and the more I worked on it the most frustrated I got because I
was having trouble removing some this stuff. Finally,, I was able to put on the
shirt. Just then the lady of the house who had been listening to me stew about the packaging,
said that I should wash the shirt before I wear, it as it was a mess of wrinkles,
and I foolishly replied that I wasn't going to take the shirt off. Big mistake!
she said, oh yes you are going to take the shirt off and you are also going to
take off your underpants and bend over the foot of the bed and you are going to
hold this cake of soap in your mouth. One of her paddles came out of the implement
drawer and fifty hard smacks later my attitude was adjusted, I didn't get to wear the shirt, the soap was awful and I didn't get to my office as early as I had wanted.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Dinner Party

We had a few friends in for dinner tonight. We knew that these friends practice domestic discipline as well. Although in our case, I am the one spanked and the other couple the lady is the one spanked. After dinner was over we were both in trouble and each of us got spanked in front of each other by respective spouses. We have no more secrets I can tell you and very sore bottoms.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letting go of one's emotions

You know, we all have stuff in our lives that hurts us. Some of it might be in the present but most of it is in the past. It is too late to fix it. A new wonderful cyber (and hope soon to be in person) friend of mine and I have talked about crying when being spanked. I don't cry at every spanking I receive and yes I seem to be receiving a lot of spankings, but sometimes I do. It took a lot to get through my guard. After the spanking and my emotional release was over, I feel wonderful, yes a very sore bottom but wonderful. So guys, don't feel you have to be a man and suck it up, let it go.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I didn't know when to quit

Last night was one of those nights that I was in the mood for love. My lovely wife was tired and not interested last night but I kept it up and kept it up. And if you know, literally kept it up. Finally at 2 in the morning up she got, and pulled me up, took me across her lap and used a paddle that she actually got yesterday and gave me a very hard spanking. Boy did it hurt! By the time it was winding down I was kicking my legs like a girl shouting please stop mommy. Needless to say it was a different boy that was put back in bed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still a lesson in progress

Yes, I misbehaved again and got a good hard spanking. It hurt and stung. Actually three days in a row with spanking each day. Ouch!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I will learn sometime

Yesterday, my friend Billy and I emailed each other for most of the day. I wasted a lot of time and really did not get the work done that I should have. My wife, Margo, was not at all happy and after she got home, my pants and underpants were pulled down and over her knee with my bottom in a good target position. I think I got about a hundred hard hand slaps. All I know I had two red globes and have been very uncomfortable sitting today.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to admit it.

After being married for five years my relationship with my wife has been turned around drastically since my wife is now in charge and I am taking orders and punishment when I need it. It is very embarrassing to me that I am subject to a hard bare bottom spanking but I am relieved that I am not alone. Today for example, I was given a list of chores to be done. Well, I didn't finish them all and a few were done not to her satisfaction. Before dinner I was bent over the end of the kitchen counter and got paddled about 50 times with her wooden paddle, yes on the bare. Well guys guess I am going to shape up. My first marriage didn't work but I think that this wife will keep me in line.