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Friday, November 26, 2010

Busy time of year

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. I know that we did. We had a houseful of family and friends and that makes for a good time. It seems that the past few weeks have been busier  than normal for me and the beautiful woman in my life. I am used to having some flexibility with work, now that I am the "senior" member but the past few weeks the older guy was needed. While that is not a bad thing it makes less time for me to be attentive to my beautiful wife and more likely for me to get wrapped up in my own thing. Wednesday evening when I arrived home I was reminded that I was the one who had invited several people for Thanksgiving and I hadn't done much to help get ready. So up to the bedroom I was taken for a little reminder. I soon found myself bare bottomed over her lap and after a good session and when I was feeling a nice hot sting in my bottom cheeks. I was put into panties and off I went to bake a couple of pies, vacuum a bit and other chores to get ready for the holiday. After a few hours, things were in place for the next day and herself decided that a good night talk would do a lot of good so the wooden slat that had been left over from when I built a garden trellis was put to use with me bent over the bed and my bottom (yes of course bare) in the air to be re-warmed properly for bed. God I love that woman! Hope all is well with my blog friends.


  1. Dana- Congrats on happy holidays!
    I too was a little remiss, and had my Wife give a spanking to remind me of my chores. Yes, always done in panties here, too :)
    Laundry is running, haven't vacuumed yet. Sure wish I knew how to bake a pie!
    Was afraid Wife would come home with an apron for me at store on Friday...she didn't...but says there is one in the house! Hmmm :)

  2. Wow Dana! It sounds like the turkey wasn't half as roasted as your bottom was the night before! So far only the turkey has been roasted at my house! We will see......

  3. Dana-
    Yes, the holidays can be busy times and often the activity surrounding them can be distracting and get in the way of the relationships with our Ladies.

    Glad to see that wasn't the case with you and your Lady was able to keep her authority at the top of her priorities!

  4. Dana; best to wish you a Merry Christmas, as Thanksgiving has passed.
    Lucky to have awife who spanks you when needed, as opposed to simply fighting and arguing, and being cold also. I am equaly blessed a you are.