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Monday, November 1, 2010

Is this the way to start a new week?

I got a spanking this morning for my behavior. I had bought a new shirt a few months ago that I hadn't
worn yet and I was getting dressed this morning and decided to wear it. I got
out of the shower, pulled on my underpants and then started to open up the
package for the shirt. As you know there are a lot of pins, tags, etc that you
have to remove and the more I worked on it the most frustrated I got because I
was having trouble removing some this stuff. Finally,, I was able to put on the
shirt. Just then the lady of the house who had been listening to me stew about the packaging,
said that I should wash the shirt before I wear, it as it was a mess of wrinkles,
and I foolishly replied that I wasn't going to take the shirt off. Big mistake!
she said, oh yes you are going to take the shirt off and you are also going to
take off your underpants and bend over the foot of the bed and you are going to
hold this cake of soap in your mouth. One of her paddles came out of the implement
drawer and fifty hard smacks later my attitude was adjusted, I didn't get to wear the shirt, the soap was awful and I didn't get to my office as early as I had wanted.


  1. Good for her, you should never wear brand new clothes that haven't been washed yet IMHO.

    God only knows what chemicals they've been treated with and there are things called allergies you know.

    Sounds like you have a situation where you can be sure things will be handled promptly, you're a lucky man.

  2. I am a lucky man. And yes I have learned that things should be washed before wearing, my bottom has reminded me all day. Thanks for your thought.

  3. Dana got it!! Na-na-na-na-poo-poo!