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Sunday, November 14, 2010

End of the Weekend

I hate to think that the weekend is ending. For me it was a short one. I had been traveling for work at the end of last week and was away from home for three nights. I have traveled for work for a while but I hate being away from home. I miss my beautiful wife's direction. Seems I neglected to do something I was supposed to (this is a recurring theme for me) and that was noted on the home front. So as my friend's wife says, I needed a maintenance spanking and a maintenance spanking I got. It was the hairbrush this time and my bottom turned a nice warm red. It was a welcome home, now behave- spanking. Thank you sweetheart I am so lucky that you care enough about me to make sure that I am in line and I understand why a good part of my afternoon was spent bare bottomed over your knee. I also want to thank all my new friends for their support and understanding.


  1. So appropriate for you to thank Her for her diligence... I hope you learn from this (but not too well!!) :)

  2. I always say "Thank you for my discipline." after Jayn spanks me.

  3. Dana-
    I love to read about other men who are lucky enough to have wives that care enough to spank us. We are, indeed, kindred spirits.
    Thanks for sharing yourself.