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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Husband Maintenance

Halfway through the weekend I am glad to report that things are harmonious in our household. Yesterday, Saturday, was spent doing all those many chores and errands that we all have to do. Bring my beautiful wife's car to have new tires put on all around. To the library to return  library books. To the bank to deposit a check received and get more money so these errands can continue and finally to the grocery store to stock up on provisions. Back home continue the ever present housework and I guess you understand how my day went. Sorry if I am boring you. Not necessarily because my household is female led, but because of job responsibilities, I perform most of the cooking and caring for the house. My beautiful wife, Margo works a full time job in town. My job is much more flexible. Some days I work long hours including evening meetings and travel and other times I have a lot of free time. But to let you know, these are my responsibilities. We have absolutely no issues with that, as a matter of fact I am pretty good at it. It is totally different from my childhood household, where I don't think my father ever touched the stove or my first marriage where I didn't touch the stove much. I continue to be so happy to meet friends how understand how a FLR works or domestic discipline can be very positive. After a nice dinner, an evening of watching a rented movie on TV, Margo told me it was time for me to go up to the bedroom, get the strap out of her implement drawer, strip down to my underpants and lie over the bed. She wanted to talk to me about a few things during the day that she noticed. Such as items or decisions that I had made that were not appropriate for me to make.. So, up the stairs I went and got myself ready as ordered. After what seemed like a long time which gave me time to think about what was ahead for me she came up, pulled me across her lap, pulled down my underpants and went to work. Soon there was a nice red glow and some heat in my bottom cheeks. While it was a very realistic spanking, it was not as hard as sometimes when I am being punished for a more serious infraction. I would love to hear your thoughts of punishment spanking vs. play sexy spanking. I guess my spanking last night was in between. After the spanking was over, Margo informed me that to remind me of my place I would be wearing panties until she tells me differently, and that while I am in the house I will only wear a t-shirt and my panties so that she be sure that I am wearing them. As I write this, I am sporting a very tight pair of yellow frilly panties that definitely were not made with my assets in mind. Guess for now I am in panties and maybe it is a good thing that I am reminded of my status.


  1. Some wives just know how to handle us naughty boys. Glad to have you as a new friend, and as you can see you're not alone with this way of life.

  2. Dana:
    I say "go with the flow" and learn whatever lesson she is trying to teach you. However hard or soft the spanking is, it's the words that accompany it that are probably the most important. It sounds like she wasn't angry - just finding the need to call your attention to a few things. The hard spanking will come, and when they do, you will be ready to receive them with the love in which they are given, I am sure.

  3. Okay, I'm rock hard, man!

  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments and support.

  5. Dana-
    Much of the spankings I get from Cora are of a 'playful' nature. But when I have crossed lines and am giving a true discipline spanking, the dynamics are completely different. Probably mostly because I have done something to let her down. Bottom line is that the real difference between 'playful' and 'discipline' spankings is in the mind. At least for me.

    And I had to laugh about her putting you in panties. Last night Cora had me in her panties making dinner for her. And, like you, I was wearing just a top in addition to her panties.

    Isn't it great when our women take charge? I think it just adds to the loving FLR.

  6. The play spankings I get are very sexy. My wife takes me across her lap and positions me just so, so that my parts are in wonderful contact with her thigh. Wow! She spanks then more with her hand than with the spatula. She always spanks hard, but boy is it ever exciting! I've only had one real discipline spanking so far. That one started with me standing up, and stayed that way for quite a while so that my penis was not in touch with her. She spanked hard, long, repeatedly, and with different implements. She only went back to her hand, with me across her lap, after I was very well spanked. For the play, or less serious spankings, even the reason she spanks me is different; usually because I've been looking at "other babysitters!" That's a real teasing, sexy reason. I believe I will be learning a lot more about disciplinary spankings soon.

  7. We've put the kind of playful spankings we indugled in for a few years on hold while we work through a regime to help me pay more attention to my Mistress.

    Part of that regime is a much strict disciplinary routine which achieves our target of giving me a much keener focus on how I can best serve my lady.

    I love my Mistress very much but it's a sad thing to admit that a selfish individual like myself needs an education like this.

    It sounds like Margo has adopted a very cool, calm authoritative approach to your discipline -which is pretty much the same method as my Mistress has taken. Don't you just love it the way a woman takes control?

  8. Sounds like a great relationship...and you're pulling your weight! Just need some little corrections, I see... still wearing panties daily?