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Monday, May 9, 2011

More Evolvement Weekend

What a great weekend we had. I hope all Mothers had a great mothers day. Mistress was served breakfast in bed by her pretty little maid (me) and after that she got ready and went to visit two of her children for the day. We knew that she would be visiting her children for most of the day, Sunday but we did not have other weekend plans. In my earlier post I told how I had gotten a note in the mail giving me some instructions for Friday afternoon. We are pushing limits and it is exciting. Friday the instructions were that when I got home from work, I was to drive into the garage and read the instructions that she posted on the bulletin board. All day Friday I was excited as I went through my day wondering what was going to happen to me when I got home.  I arrived home at my normal 5:45 p.m, fortunately traffic wasn't too bad and so I was on time. The instructions on bulletin board, #1 Close garage door, #2 Go to the bathroom in the garage bathroom, strip off all your clothes and put in the laundry basket next to the bulletin board and go the chaise lounge chair on the porch for further instruction. So far nothing toooo....outrageous, so I did as I was told. It did not appear that she was home as her car was not in the garage. Stripped to my birthday suit I walked through the breezeway and out to the porch ( it is glassed in and heated so I would not have to suffer too badly) to the chaise lounge where the next envelope of instructions was. On the chair was a pair of handcuffs, we have played with them before, and a ball gag. (That was new) I was instructed to affix the ball gag in place and  handcuff myself (they were open) were open and them stand in the corner and wait to be summoned. I was very apprehensive about that especially if I couldn't call out but it was exciting and so as a dutiful sub I did it. Our home is set back from the street and the porch is on the back of the house so the chances that I would be seen were slim but it does make you think. As I was standing there, my excitement was evident in my member and I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the meter man happened by as they are located immediately on the other side of the glass. Fortunately for me, that didn't happen. After about 25 minutes I heard a car arrive and a door slam and the footsteps of a beautiful mistress arrived. She went into the house without saying anything to me or acknowledging me. Several minutes went by and she came out and directed me come inside where she had a chair (it is called a no-gravity chair) and is an interesting design that lets one sit back in several positions. Over the chair a chain was fastened to my handcuffs and then she added a leg chain on each leg and secured so my legs were spread eagled. I still have the gag in my mouth so I was listening and not talking. I was informed that I was going to get a needed shave and she went to work removing chest hair and public hair both around my balls and cock and my manhole. It had been a while since being shaved and I am now like a little boy with no hair. After shaving I was moved to sit in a plastic tub and she went and got a crock pot with hot wax that she molded over my manhood then flipped me over and opened my ass cheeks and filled up my now a boyhole and crack and let it harden. She took off the cuffs and gag, wrapped me in saran wrap and I felt like a human candle. Somehow I helped make dinner but mostly stood to eat it as the wax and hardened and didn't allow me to sit very well. Mistress said that the wax would help make me smooth especially after the shaving. We had a nice dinner and after clean up, she enjoyed unwrapping the saran wrap and eventually cut me out of the wax and it was a job to pull it off my body and especially out of my boyhole. And now a wonderful mold of my mid section was placed on the counter to admire She was right I was very soft and supple.

It was now 9 pm and since I am an early go to bed person she put me to bed after putting me in a another new toy for her, a chastity belt, now I now what all the measurement work was for, a diaper, plastic frilly pants and short pink nightgown and got tucked in with the instructions that I was not to get out of bed until she said. I was in bed and she came up to the bedroom and read, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep feeling safe and cared for. I slept like a baby and if you must know I didn't get up at all and peed in my diaper.

Saturday morning, she got me up, changed my diaper told me that today I would be diapered. Let me get dressed in my work clothes and I when to work with her at her auto parts stores as she needed a parts devilery driver for the morning. I have done that for her many times but never in chastity and a diaper. Although I didn't have to take many bathroom breaks as all I had to do was let loose in my pants. What a feeling. We got home at 1 pm, got diaper changed, and put in a housedress and got my housework done. I have a lot of work to clean up after the waxing. Then made a great dinner and we watched a movie on TV. I did fuss about having to wear the chastity as I complained it pinched and I was frustrated. That was not the thing to do. She told me to go and fetch the lexon paddle, and small cane and leather strap. Obvisously I knew what was coming. She took off my clothes, took off the diaper but not the chastity, bent me over her knee and went to town on my bare ass. And what a difference it felt like. It hurt like hell. Having my ass shaved and waxing made my ass cheeks supple and the whipping I got was intense. Every now and again I think that I am crazy to allow this to happen but I am so glad that I am in a FLR and I feel safe and loved. But my friends, my ass is still sore and I am still in chastity. Saturday night was put back in diapers, frilly panties and a pretty nightgown. Sunday morning I got up and made my Queen a wonderful breakfast to help her celebrate Mother's Day and to show how much I love her before she went to visit her daughter who does not live too far away. My limits are being tested. Wonder what this week holds, will let you know when I get unlocked.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Evolvement

I must admit it is very exciting that the atmosphere in our household is so sexually charged this week. I am still getting over my very close encounter with Mistress's strap on. Talk about opening up my world! I received a note (in the mail no less) promising me a horizon expanding weekend. Hmmm.....She apparently has been planning. To my knowledge there were no special plans on the docket but I have been told that there are now and for my schedule is to make room for them. Tomorrow when I get home there will be an envelope on the bulletin board in our garage. After I park my car, I am to read the instructions and comply. I never thought that I would be this age and playing sexy games.