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Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Evolvement

I must admit it is very exciting that the atmosphere in our household is so sexually charged this week. I am still getting over my very close encounter with Mistress's strap on. Talk about opening up my world! I received a note (in the mail no less) promising me a horizon expanding weekend. Hmmm.....She apparently has been planning. To my knowledge there were no special plans on the docket but I have been told that there are now and for my schedule is to make room for them. Tomorrow when I get home there will be an envelope on the bulletin board in our garage. After I park my car, I am to read the instructions and comply. I never thought that I would be this age and playing sexy games.


  1. Good for the both of you!! This will take the edge off the boring chores of REAL life!!!



  2. I'm having trouble envisioning anything more exciting than a good spanking and a thorough ass plugging.

    However I hope whatever she's planning pushes your limits and thrills the hell out of both of you.

    I wish my weekend was shaping up as well as yours, though in our house, anything is possible.

  3. What a wonderful Mistress you have leaving you guessing like that. Sometimes mental bondage is the best kind.