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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evolving Continues

I mentioned in my last post about how things are evolving between my beautiful wife and myself and that I am being brought to a higher level in our FLR. I might refer to the beautiful wife in the future as Mistress as indeed that is the direction we are going. We have discussed our path a lot lately. So to keep you up to date, earlier this week the credit card bill came and their was a charge for something I bought that we had not discussed. I don't know if you remember an earlier posting but this was not the first time that happened. It is not really the money, we can afford the charge but the fact that I went ahead and bought something without discussing it with her. Some have people that have heard this story have commented that I secretly wanted to be found out so the I could be punished. Maybe they have something there. But anyway, I got a punishment spanking and after a period of time it was not very pleasant and it ended with me having a bright red bottom that has taken a few days to tone down. In addition Mistress has a renewed interested in her strap on. and yes as you guessed I got pegged this morning. I am the original tight ass but it went home this morning all the way and I received a proper pegging and after some time and patience I was able to accept the strap on penis its entire length. It has been quite a weekend so far. Thanks for letting me vent out my thoughts.


  1. Good for you Dana, you're a lucky man, and your Mistress is a lucky Lady.
    Looking forward to more stories about your submissions.

  2. I don't think you can be called a tight ass anymore!! I have a feeling your little "barometer" gave you away and let your Wife know how much you actually enjoyed it!! I have read through most of your postings now, but am curious as to how you and your Wife started your FLR. Who approached whom? Have you been in this since day one of your relationship? I always find it fascinating how people enter this type of relationship. I have only come across a select few women who are truly "natural Doms".