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Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

It is the time of year that many of us look back and review the year. Did you accomplish what we wanted to? Did we reach our goals? Have we achieved what we want. This has been a relaxed week for me and Beautiful Wife (BW) and we have had a lot of time to talk after coming back from our Christmas visits. We had a good year with our FLR. We both have voiced things that we would like to work on or maybe mistakes made. Since this blog is from my perpective let me say that they are my mistakes and I still have a lot to learn. BW has pointed out to me, that even though I have been spanked for misbehavior over the past year and am reminded of my place on many occaisions, that sometimes my all "I am in charge" personality raises its ugly head. That surprised me to hear but I am trying to improve at listening and not immediately reacting. The problem that was pointed out to me is that I sometimes, as they say-"top from the bottom." BW has a fabulous memory, much better than mine and points out various instances when was the case. I couldn't say too much in my defense as she had me between a rock and a hard place. I won't bore you with what had been a two day pretty intense discussions but if this is to be a real FLR, which is what we both want, then I am going to have to work on it and continue to be corrected to have my brain re-wired. To be frank, I enjoy a nice spanking especially laid over the lap of a beautiful woman such as the BW. Like my blogfriends Ken and James, stockings, girtles, garters get me ramped. Not to say that I have not gotten several "punishment spankings" and believe me it was punishment. I recognize that I need that to stay grounded. But in the coming year we will be experimenting with different methods and I am to write about it in the blog.

This morning, I had started my day very relaxed, watching TV, snacking on left over Christmas food when at 9 am BW said that this is what we are talking about, stripped me and put me in a small pair of panties and a bra and I spent the morning cleaning the house. At 5'8" 180lbs. I am what you call a short stocky man so I must have been quite the sight with the panties straining to cover my good sized behind. The house looks very nice and I made BW a nice lunch. After lunch I thought the afternoon would be relaxing but she brought out another new purchase from Paddlewerx-the famous Hansen Humbler. So remaining chores were done by me on hands and knees very carefully as my family jewels were locked in a very vulnerabe position. If the chores were not being done correctly it was soon corrected by her new ball slapper, crawling on hands and knees with balls prominant and being slapped did not feel good and reminded me and I can honestly say that I was not topping from the bottom. Three hours in the humbler, I can say it felt good to have the "boys" released. The twenty smacks with the paddle didn't hurt that much either after that, although my bottom is a bright fire engine red. Looks like my FLR train will be serious. Have a good New Year everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre-Holiday activity

We are leaving later today to visit relatives for Christmas. Even though our household has been "lackluster" in recent months the level has been ramped up in the past week. (That is good news) I mentioned the beautiful wife's (BW) new strap-on in my last post. It seems that from other postings she got the idea of what a good idea it would be for me to pay homage to the big black ??X!!!. So about an hour ago, BW got me stripped and on my knees and taught me what service means. And of course I was soon back to the bottoms up position to be reminded that I am on the bottom!. Lots of careful breathing and patience and soon I was filled with joy. I enjoy all my blogging friends, have a good holiday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not so lackluster

I don't know what has happened but I like it. Last night when I got home, there was a note on the kitchen counter with instructions. Now that is not unusual as I usually get home first and usually start dinner. The instructions are usually "heat up the chicken, boil some rice, cook a vegtable and so on. Last night it was, "Your uniform is laid out, be sure you change into it and make dinner for four." Yes, Maam! My uniform was a wrestling outfit-"I have no idea where that came from". A note on it said-don't you dare put underwear on. So into the wresting outfit I got and of course it was a little small and let's just say I filled it up. I was dumbfounded of why dinner for four. That was soon explained when our Connecticut friends (Vince and Janet)arrived. Seems they were in the neighborhood and plans had been made to push my comfort zone limits. Janet was very interested in my wrestling suit especially the fit around my ample bottom.So, being an excellent host I set them up with a few appetizers and a drink and continued in the task of making dinner until beautiful wife arrived home. If I say so myself, it was a pretty good meal. BW set the dining room table for two-herself and Janet. Vince and I got to eat at the kitchen counter. After dinner, Janet said that she and Vince should start to head back to Ct, before they left she gave beautiful wife a house gift. A nice leather paddle. BW was delighted and said we would try it immediately. I was bent over the counter and each side of the bottom of my wresting suit was tucked into my ass crack exposing my naked posterior. I know if sounds silly but the paddle was very smooth and felt very nice as it connected with my bottom. Both beautiful wife and Janet tried it out and I was quite hot when they were done. They wished us a nice holiday and went on their way. It didn't seem fair that Vince escaped a spanking. I spent the remainder of the night in the wrestling suit with an occaisional break to warm up my behind. It was a fun night. This was not punishment but playtime!!!! And not to mention that my bottom was the color of the season.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have no excuse

Frankly, I have no excuse for being so lazy and not posting lately. As I have mentioned in previous posts both the beautiful wife and I get caught up in the day to day business of life. Working, family, etc.etc. Ok I know, STOP THE EXCUSES! We all know that any relationship has to be worked on constantly to make it work. A FLR is no different. Last evening when I got home I was reminded that I haven't posted to my blog in a long time and I have been, and I quote "lack luster" in the relationship. I thought that spanking was coming in my direction and I know that I would have deserved it but that was not the case. Instead, BW had received a new strap on, a little longer and wider. Yikes, I was in trouble and soon I was in position to be taken. With some careful time, a lot of practiced breathing I was reminded that I am definitely not in charge. Yes, I got the whole thing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, here I am, I am back. I haven't posted in a long time due to a lot of family responsibilities this summer. An Uncle of my beautiful wife has been very ill and he lives in a distance state and beautiful wife (BW) is the closest of his living relatives. She has been very close to her Uncle and was also close to her Aunt who died a few years ago and BW wanted to help. There were several times that we did not expect Uncle to survive another day but he has surprised us all and rallied each time. Between her trips two states away or my trips two states away we have not been very active in our life style. and to be honest I have been a bit prickly about it.  I recognized many of the behaviors that was the hallmark of my first marriage, and don't want to repeat. I know who happy I am in a FLR and I need boundaries and structure. This summer we lost that due to our committments. Uncle is now doing much, much better and is a resident at an assisted living facility in the next town. He is a very nice, amenable man and always makes the best of his situation, and he likes his new living arrangement and his health has improved dramatically. It also is a 15 minute drive for BW to go over to visit, say hello, have lunch with him etc. Good for all of us. Well now that things are straightening out I am being brought back to reality and only a week or so ago we had a discussion regarding some of my behavioral issues. Surprisingly, I expected to get a spanking after the discussion but that did not happen. Only made me feel more guilty. This last weekend on Saturday, I was told that we were driving to Connecticut to visit some friends of BW. Turns out the friend was someone she met on-line, her name is Janet, that she has developed a friendship with and also had met in person a few times for lunch or coffee when Janet was in the Boston area, closer to us. Janet and her husband Vince live about a two hour drive from us. Last week it was my understanding that we had been invited for lunch and to meet them. We got to their home, a very nice home in a high tone Town. I mentioned I wondered what he did for a living and BW asked me, why do you think it is what HE does for a living? Oops--that was not cool.  We rang the bell and were greeted by a very nice looking woman about ten years younger than us who was very friendly and asked us to come in. We all met visited for a while and then the subject changed, and to my surprise our life style was being discussed in detail and from the conservation their life style is very similar. It was very surprising and exciting, it was obvious that the girls had shared a lot with each other. BW mentioned to her new friend that I had asked that I wondered what her husband did for a living and how disappointed that she was with me simply assuming that the man was the primary breakwinner. Janet and BW agreed that I needed a reminder to reinforce their point. Janet said I should get acquainted with the spanking bench that they had upstairs. BW said it would be appropriate if Janet spanked me. Wow, I am sure that my face was as red and my bottom would soon be. So without boring you all with the details, soon I was secured over the spanking bench with my bare bottom in the position. She said that since I was a new friend she would only use her "stinger" paddle. Wow, that girl has a good swing. It had been a long time since I had gotten a spanking and this one "hurt like hell". Vince was very quiet during this time and I think tried his best to blend in with the woodwork. After what seemed to me to be a very long time, my bottom was burning hot, it was over and I was allowed to pull up my pants and try to regain a little dignity. I have to tell you I was a hurting pup and I was not very far from tears. I think even the BW was a bit surprised at how hard the spanking was. But then we went out to lunch which of course I would have enjoyed more if I could have sat down more comfortably. I will say the air was cleared. I suspect that even if I had not made that comment I would have received the introduction to Janet's "stinger", glad I could provide a reason with my open mouth insert foot routine. After lunch and back to there house the interest turned to Vincent and his behavior. Janet informed us that she felt that Vince should not get off that light and would BW like to do the honors. BW, to my surprise declined that invitation but in a flash Vince's pants and briefs were at his ankles and he was over Janet's knee. To tell you the truth, I think I got the better deal with the stinger as Janet seems to also pack a good wallop with her hand. We left shortly afterward, BW and Janet still talk frequently and I have been informed that future meetings will most likely take place.

Monday, May 9, 2011

More Evolvement Weekend

What a great weekend we had. I hope all Mothers had a great mothers day. Mistress was served breakfast in bed by her pretty little maid (me) and after that she got ready and went to visit two of her children for the day. We knew that she would be visiting her children for most of the day, Sunday but we did not have other weekend plans. In my earlier post I told how I had gotten a note in the mail giving me some instructions for Friday afternoon. We are pushing limits and it is exciting. Friday the instructions were that when I got home from work, I was to drive into the garage and read the instructions that she posted on the bulletin board. All day Friday I was excited as I went through my day wondering what was going to happen to me when I got home.  I arrived home at my normal 5:45 p.m, fortunately traffic wasn't too bad and so I was on time. The instructions on bulletin board, #1 Close garage door, #2 Go to the bathroom in the garage bathroom, strip off all your clothes and put in the laundry basket next to the bulletin board and go the chaise lounge chair on the porch for further instruction. So far nothing toooo....outrageous, so I did as I was told. It did not appear that she was home as her car was not in the garage. Stripped to my birthday suit I walked through the breezeway and out to the porch ( it is glassed in and heated so I would not have to suffer too badly) to the chaise lounge where the next envelope of instructions was. On the chair was a pair of handcuffs, we have played with them before, and a ball gag. (That was new) I was instructed to affix the ball gag in place and  handcuff myself (they were open) were open and them stand in the corner and wait to be summoned. I was very apprehensive about that especially if I couldn't call out but it was exciting and so as a dutiful sub I did it. Our home is set back from the street and the porch is on the back of the house so the chances that I would be seen were slim but it does make you think. As I was standing there, my excitement was evident in my member and I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the meter man happened by as they are located immediately on the other side of the glass. Fortunately for me, that didn't happen. After about 25 minutes I heard a car arrive and a door slam and the footsteps of a beautiful mistress arrived. She went into the house without saying anything to me or acknowledging me. Several minutes went by and she came out and directed me come inside where she had a chair (it is called a no-gravity chair) and is an interesting design that lets one sit back in several positions. Over the chair a chain was fastened to my handcuffs and then she added a leg chain on each leg and secured so my legs were spread eagled. I still have the gag in my mouth so I was listening and not talking. I was informed that I was going to get a needed shave and she went to work removing chest hair and public hair both around my balls and cock and my manhole. It had been a while since being shaved and I am now like a little boy with no hair. After shaving I was moved to sit in a plastic tub and she went and got a crock pot with hot wax that she molded over my manhood then flipped me over and opened my ass cheeks and filled up my now a boyhole and crack and let it harden. She took off the cuffs and gag, wrapped me in saran wrap and I felt like a human candle. Somehow I helped make dinner but mostly stood to eat it as the wax and hardened and didn't allow me to sit very well. Mistress said that the wax would help make me smooth especially after the shaving. We had a nice dinner and after clean up, she enjoyed unwrapping the saran wrap and eventually cut me out of the wax and it was a job to pull it off my body and especially out of my boyhole. And now a wonderful mold of my mid section was placed on the counter to admire She was right I was very soft and supple.

It was now 9 pm and since I am an early go to bed person she put me to bed after putting me in a another new toy for her, a chastity belt, now I now what all the measurement work was for, a diaper, plastic frilly pants and short pink nightgown and got tucked in with the instructions that I was not to get out of bed until she said. I was in bed and she came up to the bedroom and read, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep feeling safe and cared for. I slept like a baby and if you must know I didn't get up at all and peed in my diaper.

Saturday morning, she got me up, changed my diaper told me that today I would be diapered. Let me get dressed in my work clothes and I when to work with her at her auto parts stores as she needed a parts devilery driver for the morning. I have done that for her many times but never in chastity and a diaper. Although I didn't have to take many bathroom breaks as all I had to do was let loose in my pants. What a feeling. We got home at 1 pm, got diaper changed, and put in a housedress and got my housework done. I have a lot of work to clean up after the waxing. Then made a great dinner and we watched a movie on TV. I did fuss about having to wear the chastity as I complained it pinched and I was frustrated. That was not the thing to do. She told me to go and fetch the lexon paddle, and small cane and leather strap. Obvisously I knew what was coming. She took off my clothes, took off the diaper but not the chastity, bent me over her knee and went to town on my bare ass. And what a difference it felt like. It hurt like hell. Having my ass shaved and waxing made my ass cheeks supple and the whipping I got was intense. Every now and again I think that I am crazy to allow this to happen but I am so glad that I am in a FLR and I feel safe and loved. But my friends, my ass is still sore and I am still in chastity. Saturday night was put back in diapers, frilly panties and a pretty nightgown. Sunday morning I got up and made my Queen a wonderful breakfast to help her celebrate Mother's Day and to show how much I love her before she went to visit her daughter who does not live too far away. My limits are being tested. Wonder what this week holds, will let you know when I get unlocked.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Evolvement

I must admit it is very exciting that the atmosphere in our household is so sexually charged this week. I am still getting over my very close encounter with Mistress's strap on. Talk about opening up my world! I received a note (in the mail no less) promising me a horizon expanding weekend. Hmmm.....She apparently has been planning. To my knowledge there were no special plans on the docket but I have been told that there are now and for my schedule is to make room for them. Tomorrow when I get home there will be an envelope on the bulletin board in our garage. After I park my car, I am to read the instructions and comply. I never thought that I would be this age and playing sexy games.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evolving Continues

I mentioned in my last post about how things are evolving between my beautiful wife and myself and that I am being brought to a higher level in our FLR. I might refer to the beautiful wife in the future as Mistress as indeed that is the direction we are going. We have discussed our path a lot lately. So to keep you up to date, earlier this week the credit card bill came and their was a charge for something I bought that we had not discussed. I don't know if you remember an earlier posting but this was not the first time that happened. It is not really the money, we can afford the charge but the fact that I went ahead and bought something without discussing it with her. Some have people that have heard this story have commented that I secretly wanted to be found out so the I could be punished. Maybe they have something there. But anyway, I got a punishment spanking and after a period of time it was not very pleasant and it ended with me having a bright red bottom that has taken a few days to tone down. In addition Mistress has a renewed interested in her strap on. and yes as you guessed I got pegged this morning. I am the original tight ass but it went home this morning all the way and I received a proper pegging and after some time and patience I was able to accept the strap on penis its entire length. It has been quite a weekend so far. Thanks for letting me vent out my thoughts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Evolving life style

I have been reminded by the beautiful wife (BW) that I am neglecting my blog and my excuse about being very busy at work does not cut it. To be truthful we both have been occupied with the day to day work scenario. I hope we can break that mold soon. One interesting item that I wanted to share is that the (BW) has been communicating via internet with a woman in Connecticut who is very interested in learning more about a FLR. Seems she and her husband are experimenting with the concept. I have been brought into the conversation to state my feelings and how it is working for us. Of course as you know it works great for us. They are making plans for us to meet. They live about a two hour drive from us. They haven't worked out details yet but BW says I will be expected to explain our lifestyle in full detail. While that does stir certain body parts it also does shake my conservative soul a bit. BW also says that one never knows, I might have my bottom bared and spanked in front of them. Hasn't happened yet, but will keep you informed if it works out or not. I think we are coming to another level.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The beautiful wife's implements for use on her husband's backside have been growing by leaps and bounds lately. This past weekend alone five new implements were added to the collection after a round of visits to a local antique mall and a bed and bath store. There were two very sturdy paddles added, a barber's strop, a wooden bath brush and a metal hair brush. After her arrival home, she told me that it was time for me to put all implements away in a place that they would be very accessable if needed quickly and also get them out of a box. We went back and forth with a few ideas and (I will never learn) about what to do and I was very quick to poo poo some of her ideas. (Bad choice). Oops, that's right I am not in charge so as ordered, up to the bedroom I went, and jeans and briefs removed and then into nylon purple panties. And in those panties I constructed a place to hang all implements properly.

It looks good. All implements are hanging on the wall in an upstairs closet, to be handy when needed. After that was accomplished it was a good trip over the beautiful wife's lap, panties pulled down and I got to feel first hand what the razor strop is going to feel like. I can tell you, it hurt. I remember it well everytime I want to sit.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What exactly is an FLR?

This is a post that I would like the comments and advice from you, my friends who know I am in a FLR. I have a lot of faults, however, I very much value honesty and in addition to wanting people to be truthful with me, I hold myself to the same standard and I am ashamed of myself should I not do that. So while I don't think it is necessary to drive down the street with a megahorn announcing that I am in a FLR and obviously I am not the Female, I have wondered how I would address the subject should it ever come up. I found out last weekend. We were at a charitable function and were seated with a couple that we had met before but did not know very well. At dinner the wife of the couple and my beautiful wife got on one of the beautiful ones favorite subjects. Antique shopping. In conversation my beautiful wife asked if the wife would like to go with her to the big annual antique show held in our state in April. This is a big show and draws people from throughout the New England area. Imagine our surprise when the wife turns to her husband and asked for his permission if she can go to the show. What? and the way she asked it was like she was a kid asking a friend's mother if Joanie could come out and play. We were taken aback. It did not help any when the husband told his wife that he would have to see how things stood at the time and he explained that he expected her to ask permission for things such as this and didn't I do the same thing? Well let me tell you, I did a little squirming in my panties (actually at that event I was wearing dull tighty whities. I should say. I considered several answers but I have to tell you I am a terrible liar and anyone could probably tell if I were lying so I bit the bullet. No, I said, I don't do that, my wife I said, is in charge and she does not have to ask my permission to do anything. I did say that we respect each other and discuss things but permission is not required. He then asked me if I had to ask permission and I told him honestly, yes I do.That statement took him aback and the conversation ended. I could tell that this was the end of any contact with these people (fine with me) and I felt good that I had been honest and the reward when we got home was very nice. So having thought this out, I am not ashamed that I am not the head of household. I am not ashamed that I am regularly spanked by my wife and there are things in our marriage that are not traditional and frankly many times the spanking is connected with sex. My first marriage was a traditional marriage and I was divorced. (ok, not all her fault) but it was very refreshing to tell it like it is. Don't know what you folks think about that would love to hear.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Business Trip

There was a time that I traveled quite a bit for work. Most of that was in my old life when I was the "Head of the Household" before the beautiful wife. You all know that I am not wearing the pants in my household, in fact I am lucky when I can wear pants.Lately at work my out of town services have been required and so I have gone on a few business trips. I don't like that, I miss the beautiful wife and she has told me that she misses me. A few days away makes me very lonely. This week Monday and Tuesday I was out of town and had two fairly long days, finishing up on this (Wednesday) morning. As I was pulling my things together to leave the hotel, a knock sounded at the door. It was a porter with a package that had come in for me. (Now I wonder what that could be and who could it be from?) The writing on the address looked very familiar. How nice, a package from the beautiful wife. God are we in love. Inside was a nicely wrapped item in a bag with a note on fancy girl stationary. The note was to me from of course the same beautiful wife.

The note said,

Darling, I have missed you and can't wait to see you, but honey when you come home you will be wearing the contents of the package and I wouldn't test me by not wearing them. Hmmm.. what do you suppose? So I opened the package and inside was a pair of pretty Victoria's Secret panties, a pair of sheer stockings and a garter belt. What are you kidding?  How am I going to get through airport security? When the panties shouldn't be a problem unless I have to drop my pants for security but the belt? I fussed about it for a while and then said to myself, well, I hope I don't know the folks working the TSA security at this airport as I don't have much of a choice. You see, the beautiful wife is picking me up at the other end and I would have no chance to sneak into the men's room to "get ready" and I thought about maybe going through security and changing in the men's room before my flight but that worried me too. They would probably go through my carry on. So under my nice white dress shirt and very nice dark blue suit (with pinstripes) , is my man's undershirt, a nice pair of Victoria's Secret panties, my garter belt with sheer stockings. I felt very naughty, a bit scared, a lot embarassed and boldly went through security. Wow, the Gods were with me, I got through without having to embarrass myself.

The flight arrived home, I met the beautiful wife. She asked if I had received any interesting while on my trip and said that I had, she said very good, let's go home.

When we arrived home, I was instructed to remove the dark blue (with pinstripes) suit, the white dress shirt, the man's undershirt and then I modeled the nice panties, garter belt and stockings. I ate my lunch in my new panties garter and stockings and did a few household chores. And then because I was such a good boy, I to go over her knee for a nice intimate hand spanking on the seat of my panties.

Seriously, five years ago you could not have convinced me that I would be so lucky and having such a great life.  I love you beautiful wife, I never know what is next.

She read my post before I posted it and because I thought of trying to sneak the panties in and change we have a discussion about it coming up, I don't know what the "discussion will be" there is a hairbrush on the night stand.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The beautiful wife and I had a few errands to do this afternoon and we went to a mall close to where we live. While there after we had purchased what we went there for, we stopped in at a new kitchen store. In the kitchen store we found lots of interesting items that would be sure to put a nice glow on my bare bottom. A set of nice sturdy wooden stirers that will be sure to do the job. I had a feeling the we were buying those items. The next stop was a game/sport store to buy a gift for a friend's son. And, wouldn't you just know they had a very nice set of pingpong paddles. Well we had to have those and she even gave them a trial run by smacking the seat of my pants in the parking lot. When we got home she told me that I had been very good and good boys often get a spanking and she was in the mood and really wanted to try out the new items. My bottom actually was still feeling the effects of the other day. We arrived home and within minutes I was bent over the kitchen table with pants and drawers lowered to the floor. Yikes, my bottom is sore.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You are not in charge

It has been a while since I updated my blog and my wife tells me that I have no excuse. So I won't try to give one. I have a wonderful close marriage and am extremely happy. And even thought some men or couples would find it very strange my household is female led. I am reminded often and I agree that sometimes even at age 56, I behave like a 14 year old brat. In this household 14 year old brats are only tolerated so long and then the brat's bare behind is in serious trouble. I am spanked often, most often playfully, no pain just a way to show affection and very often leads to something very intimate. But I also am disciplined when needed and that is not so fun. Most often my misbehavior is a result of not thinking out things thoroughly and by not thinking things out I break the rules. While we are not rich people, we are not poor people either. I have a tendency to spend money without talking it over. We have worked on that a lot and things are usually now good in that department. But a few weeks ago, I have made some purchases that I didn't not discuss or really think out for that matter. Then the credit card bill came in the mail. I was at work when I got a phone call from my wife asking me about the charges on the credit card. After a few minutes of conversation, I was like a teenager who got caught smoking his mother's cigarettes. I am at work, dressed in a nice suit, the man in charge and just been informed that when I get home I am getting a punishment spanking on my bare bottom and it will be sore for a long time. I don't know about you but the rest of the afternoon that was all I could think about. The afternoon flew by and soon I had to go home and face the music or should I say, the wooden paddle and the hair brush. I arrived home and the first thing I noticed was one of the dining room chairs in the middle of the living room. Not a good sign. My greeting was not " how are you honey?" or  "wonderful to see you", but instead I was told in a tone that one does not argue with to strip naked and put on my punishment panties and get in the corner for a while because we had to talk. I didn't do much talking I was the one going to listen. And listen I did for twenty minutes solid, I was in deep. Then over to the chair over her lap, panties pulled down and I got a hard, hard spanking. My bare bottom was on FIRE. and for good measure she kept it up. I am usually pretty stoic but I wasn't so stoic this time. And yes because I go have the mentality of a 14 year old boy I very often get erect when being spanked but that was not in the equation. So, that was the result of thoughtlessness on my part and in my household that is what happens.And literally for three days I had to think about it before I sat down.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How long has it been?

I arrived home from work as usual. I am the cook in our home and I started dinner and thought perhaps a little romanic music, low lights, some wine and cheese when the beautiful wife (the boss) got home. So it was all ready and home she came. She was pleasantly surprised and we had a wonderful time to connect after a long day (more for her than me). We were having a good conversation when she asked me how long had it been since I had gotten spanked. Oh, oh! As you know from my blog it had been about two, no, almost three weeks. That one was a serious disciplinary spanking and I felt it for a long while. She reminded me that my memory is short and sometimes I need a reminder more often than two to three weeks and because I sometimes forget who is in charge she sent me upstairs to change into the pink frilly panties that reminds me of my place. So with a tee and pink panties I finished cooking dinner. It was very good I might add, we enjoyed it, even if I was in a pair of panties and no pants. She told me to clean up the kitchen and do my chores and then come upstairs to visit her in the upstairs den. Oh, oh! again! Finished my chores and went right up to the den. She had made a list of a few things to bring to my attention. She had me lie over the arm of the sofa, pull my panties down but not off so that my bare bottom was in place. I got a lecture about behavior and how I need to ask her for guidance so that I remember my place. She had read my friend Ken's post and thought that I need to use the discipline request form that he does. Then I got a spanking. Not real hard. She spanked me with a closed hand fan that she had, just enought to warm my behind. Then I got put to bed and it was not long before she came to bed and I will let you draw your own conclusion to the scene. Now that my friends is good punishment.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Tale of the Growing Book Pile

Wow! Great a day off, chill out unwind, read a book etc. NOT!

My beautiful wife and I are both voracious readers. We love books. We have a lot of books. We are always getting more books, in fact we are accumulating books at a faster rate than we are reading them, but I digress. We have had a problem in my home with having so many books that we cannot put them anyplace neatly. All our bookshelves were filled to the gills and spilled over to the floor. It started with a pile or two and had since grown. The Mrs. suggested that we buy a few more bookshelves to try and organize our books and our home. Well, I had a great idea to go to the area building supply place and buy bookshelf kits that I would put together myself and put them up on the second floor landing and get all organized and nice. I did just that, I bought three new kits for three great new bookshelves. Yes I did! Last July. The question has been more frequent lately, "when are you going to put those bookshelves together?" and I have answered "Oh I might be able to next week".  She would say "Do you want my help?" I would reply, "No honey, I will get to it." and over the Christmas Holidays we had a few guests, my son who came to visit us mentioned to us, "Oh my God, I feel like I am in a Stephen King novel where the family gets sucked up by all the books." We laughed at the time but I don't think the lady of the house liked that comment. So fast forward to this morning........I had the day off, she had the day breakfast, "Honey, let's put those shelves together today." Husband's reply " Maybe tomorrow honey".  After breakfast, made my way to computer to check emails, etc and the lady of the house went up to our bedroom, called down the stairs, "Honey would you come up here please". Husband's reply " In a minute hon", lady's response " NO NOW".  The very perceptive husband knew that perhaps he should get up there pronto!

Boy, yikes was I properly punished. Pinned firmly over her laps, bottom bared, (You all probably have seen my bottom-I changed the photo to give you all a break) and I received a good hard spanking mostly with the wooden paddle with the holes in it. She did not have much mercy, you would think that as a man in a female led househould where corporal punishment is used, I would have been more aware and paid more attention to the task at hand. I didn't.  Those of us, both my men friends and my woman friends who have our bottoms bared and spanked maybe know the feeling of that wicked sting. Big red cheeks and again that sting. I did have tears in my eyes and was acting like a eight year old boy who just got spanked by his mother.

and folks, yes, I spent the next few hours putting together the bookshelves. They look great, and we are organizing the books. But my bottom is still very sore-this was a whooper spanking and I am not going to be able to sit very comfortably for a while.