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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Business Trip

There was a time that I traveled quite a bit for work. Most of that was in my old life when I was the "Head of the Household" before the beautiful wife. You all know that I am not wearing the pants in my household, in fact I am lucky when I can wear pants.Lately at work my out of town services have been required and so I have gone on a few business trips. I don't like that, I miss the beautiful wife and she has told me that she misses me. A few days away makes me very lonely. This week Monday and Tuesday I was out of town and had two fairly long days, finishing up on this (Wednesday) morning. As I was pulling my things together to leave the hotel, a knock sounded at the door. It was a porter with a package that had come in for me. (Now I wonder what that could be and who could it be from?) The writing on the address looked very familiar. How nice, a package from the beautiful wife. God are we in love. Inside was a nicely wrapped item in a bag with a note on fancy girl stationary. The note was to me from of course the same beautiful wife.

The note said,

Darling, I have missed you and can't wait to see you, but honey when you come home you will be wearing the contents of the package and I wouldn't test me by not wearing them. Hmmm.. what do you suppose? So I opened the package and inside was a pair of pretty Victoria's Secret panties, a pair of sheer stockings and a garter belt. What are you kidding?  How am I going to get through airport security? When the panties shouldn't be a problem unless I have to drop my pants for security but the belt? I fussed about it for a while and then said to myself, well, I hope I don't know the folks working the TSA security at this airport as I don't have much of a choice. You see, the beautiful wife is picking me up at the other end and I would have no chance to sneak into the men's room to "get ready" and I thought about maybe going through security and changing in the men's room before my flight but that worried me too. They would probably go through my carry on. So under my nice white dress shirt and very nice dark blue suit (with pinstripes) , is my man's undershirt, a nice pair of Victoria's Secret panties, my garter belt with sheer stockings. I felt very naughty, a bit scared, a lot embarassed and boldly went through security. Wow, the Gods were with me, I got through without having to embarrass myself.

The flight arrived home, I met the beautiful wife. She asked if I had received any interesting while on my trip and said that I had, she said very good, let's go home.

When we arrived home, I was instructed to remove the dark blue (with pinstripes) suit, the white dress shirt, the man's undershirt and then I modeled the nice panties, garter belt and stockings. I ate my lunch in my new panties garter and stockings and did a few household chores. And then because I was such a good boy, I to go over her knee for a nice intimate hand spanking on the seat of my panties.

Seriously, five years ago you could not have convinced me that I would be so lucky and having such a great life.  I love you beautiful wife, I never know what is next.

She read my post before I posted it and because I thought of trying to sneak the panties in and change we have a discussion about it coming up, I don't know what the "discussion will be" there is a hairbrush on the night stand.


  1. Great post Dana, I can imagine your angst when going through the security check point. Been there done that, your wife like mine has a great sense of humor.
    Hope u enjoyed your spanking, you deserved it !!!!

  2. Rachel has done this to me when I travelled alot and always would come in a very sexy revealing outfit to pick me up at the airport. When we arrived home we were both horny and hot. Before releaving my hornyness I was hot both on the bottom and emotionally.

  3. I just love it when my Lady (Cora) initiates something like you described. Its part of the fun of being a submissive husband. And we will be looking forward to the description of the pending 'discussion'. Sounds hot.

    I used to travel a bit when I was still working. I finally got to the point where I decided I wouldn't travel by air any more at about the time that Cora and I got together. However, I did make some trips by auto right up until retirement. I would pack up Cora and the pups (yes, we found dog friendly hotels) and off we'd go. It was great not being seperated from my Lady and often she would reward me in the evening with a spanking. It was always interesting wondering if anyone heard.

    Great Post!

  4. I just found your blog and I think its wonderful. I will need to go back and read more but I wanted you to know that you have a new follower by the name of Queen Goddess.

    I will addd more comments where I see fit and hope that you take a glance at my blog as well.


  5. Wow! How wonderfully humiliating at the airport! You lucky duck!!

  6. Husband in check,

    My Mistress Kitten has given me permission to reply to you. i am actually on a business trip right now but MK has talked about just this sort of thing. The angst is amazing when you are away and i am missing her deeply. She truly owns my every thought action and emotion as well as my body. We are lucky as cucks that we have our Mistress's to guide us through life.