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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The beautiful wife and I had a few errands to do this afternoon and we went to a mall close to where we live. While there after we had purchased what we went there for, we stopped in at a new kitchen store. In the kitchen store we found lots of interesting items that would be sure to put a nice glow on my bare bottom. A set of nice sturdy wooden stirers that will be sure to do the job. I had a feeling the we were buying those items. The next stop was a game/sport store to buy a gift for a friend's son. And, wouldn't you just know they had a very nice set of pingpong paddles. Well we had to have those and she even gave them a trial run by smacking the seat of my pants in the parking lot. When we got home she told me that I had been very good and good boys often get a spanking and she was in the mood and really wanted to try out the new items. My bottom actually was still feeling the effects of the other day. We arrived home and within minutes I was bent over the kitchen table with pants and drawers lowered to the floor. Yikes, my bottom is sore.


  1. Yeah I know what you mean I hate/love those kind of trips. And who knows Dana maybe someday we will meet.
    Still a worrisome thought, having two like minded women getting together, but oh what fun it would be. LOL

  2. Excellent! That way shopping trips get exciting!.

  3. It's been way too long since Jayn took me shopping! I'll make sure to tell her about your trip!

  4. Dana-
    Its always fun to go 'shopping' with my Lady. She, too has learned to look at the 'pervertable' factor in many things and it seems like kitchen shops are one of the best sources. Of course, Antique Malls can supply all kinds of things too (like the antique hairbrush we just found).

    And there is nothing like getting spanked by your Lady just because she is 'in the mood'. We are lucky guys, indeed. Too bad we live across the continent from you.


    P.S. When Cora read this post, she broke out laughing. She loved the post.

  5. Dana is a Lady of the New Millennium and an inspiration. Drop your drawers and bend over, gentlemen. It's a brand-new day!

    Dee xo

  6. Dana, my apologies! I read too quickly (and excitedly!) so I mistook your name for your wife's. SORRY! It is a gender-neutral one as are others, of course. I failed to notice.

    The New Milennium Wife thought still applies, however. : )

    Dee Goldthwaite