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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, here I am, I am back. I haven't posted in a long time due to a lot of family responsibilities this summer. An Uncle of my beautiful wife has been very ill and he lives in a distance state and beautiful wife (BW) is the closest of his living relatives. She has been very close to her Uncle and was also close to her Aunt who died a few years ago and BW wanted to help. There were several times that we did not expect Uncle to survive another day but he has surprised us all and rallied each time. Between her trips two states away or my trips two states away we have not been very active in our life style. and to be honest I have been a bit prickly about it.  I recognized many of the behaviors that was the hallmark of my first marriage, and don't want to repeat. I know who happy I am in a FLR and I need boundaries and structure. This summer we lost that due to our committments. Uncle is now doing much, much better and is a resident at an assisted living facility in the next town. He is a very nice, amenable man and always makes the best of his situation, and he likes his new living arrangement and his health has improved dramatically. It also is a 15 minute drive for BW to go over to visit, say hello, have lunch with him etc. Good for all of us. Well now that things are straightening out I am being brought back to reality and only a week or so ago we had a discussion regarding some of my behavioral issues. Surprisingly, I expected to get a spanking after the discussion but that did not happen. Only made me feel more guilty. This last weekend on Saturday, I was told that we were driving to Connecticut to visit some friends of BW. Turns out the friend was someone she met on-line, her name is Janet, that she has developed a friendship with and also had met in person a few times for lunch or coffee when Janet was in the Boston area, closer to us. Janet and her husband Vince live about a two hour drive from us. Last week it was my understanding that we had been invited for lunch and to meet them. We got to their home, a very nice home in a high tone Town. I mentioned I wondered what he did for a living and BW asked me, why do you think it is what HE does for a living? Oops--that was not cool.  We rang the bell and were greeted by a very nice looking woman about ten years younger than us who was very friendly and asked us to come in. We all met visited for a while and then the subject changed, and to my surprise our life style was being discussed in detail and from the conservation their life style is very similar. It was very surprising and exciting, it was obvious that the girls had shared a lot with each other. BW mentioned to her new friend that I had asked that I wondered what her husband did for a living and how disappointed that she was with me simply assuming that the man was the primary breakwinner. Janet and BW agreed that I needed a reminder to reinforce their point. Janet said I should get acquainted with the spanking bench that they had upstairs. BW said it would be appropriate if Janet spanked me. Wow, I am sure that my face was as red and my bottom would soon be. So without boring you all with the details, soon I was secured over the spanking bench with my bare bottom in the position. She said that since I was a new friend she would only use her "stinger" paddle. Wow, that girl has a good swing. It had been a long time since I had gotten a spanking and this one "hurt like hell". Vince was very quiet during this time and I think tried his best to blend in with the woodwork. After what seemed to me to be a very long time, my bottom was burning hot, it was over and I was allowed to pull up my pants and try to regain a little dignity. I have to tell you I was a hurting pup and I was not very far from tears. I think even the BW was a bit surprised at how hard the spanking was. But then we went out to lunch which of course I would have enjoyed more if I could have sat down more comfortably. I will say the air was cleared. I suspect that even if I had not made that comment I would have received the introduction to Janet's "stinger", glad I could provide a reason with my open mouth insert foot routine. After lunch and back to there house the interest turned to Vincent and his behavior. Janet informed us that she felt that Vince should not get off that light and would BW like to do the honors. BW, to my surprise declined that invitation but in a flash Vince's pants and briefs were at his ankles and he was over Janet's knee. To tell you the truth, I think I got the better deal with the stinger as Janet seems to also pack a good wallop with her hand. We left shortly afterward, BW and Janet still talk frequently and I have been informed that future meetings will most likely take place.


  1. Hi, Dana,

    Glad to see you back after your short break. BW and yourself appear to be heading in an exciting direction by becoming involved with another couple in an FLR. Please keep us posted.

    All the best,

  2. Great to see you back Dana, and I enjoyed reading your post. Seems like your future fate is sealed, LOL


  3. I was wondering where you disappeared too. I hope you are being a good girl for your wife. If not perhaps auntie QG will need to punish you.

  4. Oh my! Getting spanked by Janet must have been so...humiliating! :)
    Love how you had to sit thru a meal at the restaurant... Yes, meals can be so...long!

  5. Dana-
    I can totally relate to your break in blogging.

    And isn't it great to meet other couples who are into a Female Led Relationship, too? Especially since it was your BW who initiated the contact. Seems like this lifestyle is growing and growing.