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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not so lackluster

I don't know what has happened but I like it. Last night when I got home, there was a note on the kitchen counter with instructions. Now that is not unusual as I usually get home first and usually start dinner. The instructions are usually "heat up the chicken, boil some rice, cook a vegtable and so on. Last night it was, "Your uniform is laid out, be sure you change into it and make dinner for four." Yes, Maam! My uniform was a wrestling outfit-"I have no idea where that came from". A note on it said-don't you dare put underwear on. So into the wresting outfit I got and of course it was a little small and let's just say I filled it up. I was dumbfounded of why dinner for four. That was soon explained when our Connecticut friends (Vince and Janet)arrived. Seems they were in the neighborhood and plans had been made to push my comfort zone limits. Janet was very interested in my wrestling suit especially the fit around my ample bottom.So, being an excellent host I set them up with a few appetizers and a drink and continued in the task of making dinner until beautiful wife arrived home. If I say so myself, it was a pretty good meal. BW set the dining room table for two-herself and Janet. Vince and I got to eat at the kitchen counter. After dinner, Janet said that she and Vince should start to head back to Ct, before they left she gave beautiful wife a house gift. A nice leather paddle. BW was delighted and said we would try it immediately. I was bent over the counter and each side of the bottom of my wresting suit was tucked into my ass crack exposing my naked posterior. I know if sounds silly but the paddle was very smooth and felt very nice as it connected with my bottom. Both beautiful wife and Janet tried it out and I was quite hot when they were done. They wished us a nice holiday and went on their way. It didn't seem fair that Vince escaped a spanking. I spent the remainder of the night in the wrestling suit with an occaisional break to warm up my behind. It was a fun night. This was not punishment but playtime!!!! And not to mention that my bottom was the color of the season.


  1. Thanks Dana, I had a good laugh out of this post. Nice to see Ladies with a sense of humor.


  2. Wow. I haven't read your blog before; did Vince and Janet already know about your lifestyle? I have blogged about the anxiety and rush that I would have if someone we knew was made aware of our kinks. So this story really pushed my buttons! I would imagine that this wrestling outfit left little to the imagination! And to be spanked in front of another couple! Mercy! Great post!