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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How long has it been?

I arrived home from work as usual. I am the cook in our home and I started dinner and thought perhaps a little romanic music, low lights, some wine and cheese when the beautiful wife (the boss) got home. So it was all ready and home she came. She was pleasantly surprised and we had a wonderful time to connect after a long day (more for her than me). We were having a good conversation when she asked me how long had it been since I had gotten spanked. Oh, oh! As you know from my blog it had been about two, no, almost three weeks. That one was a serious disciplinary spanking and I felt it for a long while. She reminded me that my memory is short and sometimes I need a reminder more often than two to three weeks and because I sometimes forget who is in charge she sent me upstairs to change into the pink frilly panties that reminds me of my place. So with a tee and pink panties I finished cooking dinner. It was very good I might add, we enjoyed it, even if I was in a pair of panties and no pants. She told me to clean up the kitchen and do my chores and then come upstairs to visit her in the upstairs den. Oh, oh! again! Finished my chores and went right up to the den. She had made a list of a few things to bring to my attention. She had me lie over the arm of the sofa, pull my panties down but not off so that my bare bottom was in place. I got a lecture about behavior and how I need to ask her for guidance so that I remember my place. She had read my friend Ken's post and thought that I need to use the discipline request form that he does. Then I got a spanking. Not real hard. She spanked me with a closed hand fan that she had, just enought to warm my behind. Then I got put to bed and it was not long before she came to bed and I will let you draw your own conclusion to the scene. Now that my friends is good punishment.


  1. What a night! Love the thought of Her instructing you to dress in the pink frillies... and, oh yeah, finish all that cleaning before your spanking!! Nice for all! :)

  2. Dana-
    You do have a beautiful wife, indeed. What a lucky guy you are.

    However, you will need to provide an e-Mail address so that I can send the form(s) to your beautiful wife. I'm sure you don't want to go against her wishes.

    Ken (and Cora, too)