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Friday, December 24, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

The theme of my sporadic posts of late has been how busy I have been, a busy time of year etc. And I have been busy. I am not retired yet but most of the heavy lifting is done by the junior members of my company. In the past few months, the senior member (how did that get to be me?) has had to step up to the plate to work on a few projects. For years when I was the junior member I worked many hours and perhaps if I had paid more attention to my first marriage, it would not have failed. (Well maybe it would have anyway, there were more problems than that and yes if you wonder a lot of those problems were caused by me).Anyway, my point is, my beautiful wife of five years insists that we work together and devote our time together and I love it. But of late, it is easy to slip into "the mode". with the Holidays right on us all the pressures seem to "ramp up" and instead of enjoying the season, I am as ugly as a teenage girl with her first period. Maybe I am having my period, anyway: last night after I had made a negative crack about all the Holiday upheaval, the lady of the house, (yes, she is the boss!) ordered her immature 56 year old husband upstairs to change into a T-shirt and a pair of nice frilly pink panties so he would have a visual reminder of his place. Then downstairs, the husband (me) got to finish some chores, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, water the Christmas tree and for good measure water all the houseplants and by the way bring me the cane and put it on the kitchen table and pull out one of kitchen chairs so that I have a place to sit while I cane your big bare bottom. And cane my big bare bottom she did, I got a caning that I won't forget for a while. Did I mention that I hate being caned? Much rather the paddle or belt, but that was not my choice last night. This morning as I write this, I am having a bit of an issue sitting.

 So my friends that is the latest update from me. I also want to tell you how much your blogs and your "friendship and support" has meant to both of us. Our relationship is a wonderful one since our Head of Household has been established and the person not the Head of Household (me again) has periodic reminders of that.

Merry Christmas friends. May all our backsides be merry.


  1. I like you hate the cane, I'd rather have the hairbrush then the cane. But I don't get to choose which implement she uses or for how long she uses it.
    Oh Well, we asked for it, and we get it don't we??

    Mery Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. Happy new year to you both!

    I love the pic of you doing chores in your little pink panties. Maybe She will post a pic next time?
    And, I hope the t-shirt had a sexy, "girly" saying...well, 2011 for that, eh?

    Mostly I love it cause I wish Wife here would do that... we're getting close to it!

    I hope I avoid the cane, though. Hope you get a nicer paddling to start the new year!