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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I didn't know when to quit

Last night was one of those nights that I was in the mood for love. My lovely wife was tired and not interested last night but I kept it up and kept it up. And if you know, literally kept it up. Finally at 2 in the morning up she got, and pulled me up, took me across her lap and used a paddle that she actually got yesterday and gave me a very hard spanking. Boy did it hurt! By the time it was winding down I was kicking my legs like a girl shouting please stop mommy. Needless to say it was a different boy that was put back in bed.


  1. One of my hottest fantasies is that I'm a teenage boy, pawing and kissing at my girlfriend, trying to get her to have sex with me (maybe for the first time going "all the way"). She keeps saying no, and then finally loses patience. She then spanks me across her lap, shocking me at how much it hurts to get spanked by a girl! Sometimes the fantasy includes being in a group of kids hanging out, and she does this right in front of our friends!

  2. Billy, This is becoming a reality my friend. The girls will make sure we are very well spanked.

  3. Ya know, we deserve it! And I mean that on several different levels.