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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting back in track

Life can often pass by and you are so busy with day to day activities that you hardly notice how much time has passed. That is the case with me. I have not written for a while so here I am back. For the most part I have been behaving but of course continue to do my chores and accept correction as needed. The past week I did something very stupid and was taken down a peg or two.

I work part time for my wife as a delivery driver for her business. This week I had a delivery in the city and as usual parking is at a premium. I parked where I should not have after the delivery was complete and went to buy my lunch. Who knew that the city is on a crack down of parking violators and the van was towed to the Police compound. I had to go to the Police station, pay a $150 towing fee and a $300 fine. That was bad enough but had to go back and tell beautiful wife that. She was not happy. She dealt with my punishment immediately. Pants down, bottom bared and bent over the desk. Then the ever handy cane was applied to my sorry behind. The guys at the front of the store knew that I was being caned and one long time employee always has an errand at the back of the store to see me being disciplined. Now, a few days later I can still feel the sting.


  1. I guess caning you at the store adds another dimension to your punishment. And are you still locked these days? You mention being locked in a post a few months back.


    1. I have had periods of being locked with breaks in between. Currently, I am locked up and have been since the middle of November. It does help me focus on the task at hand.

  2. My wife and I have our own business and it has flourished--People often comment how great we get along working togehter and living together--they are correct--what they do not know is that things are very pressured i can handle it poorly and even angryily my wife is calm --after csuch an incident people do not know i take a bare ass paddling that i totally deserve---but one that hurts plenty---It is just a skinny stick we keep upstairs---when I have it coming i am told to get it and i do and I know my naked butt is going to hurt real bad real soon---It may be the reason for our success---I totally have it coming when she needs to do it---but it hurts bad and I am a paddling wus!