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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have been in a FLR for a while now and one would think that I would be used to it and its requirements. For the majority of the time I think that I pretty much behave well as a good behaved submissive who knows that there are consequences when stepping out of line. Our home life goes fairly smoothly when I am focused and at home doing my chores and serving my beautiful wife. "BW". I have been partially retired for a few years with a little time spent as a consultant to my former company and working as needed at my wife's auto parts retail business. I am the go-for and grunt worker, everyone knows that and also know that the cane is BW's office is there for a reason. The rest of the time I am taking care of our home. BW has high standards for housekeeping and I keep myself busy to maintain those standards. In early March, I was called to my former job to pick up that slack from an employee who had to be out for an extensive period due to an illness. It was working full time and very busy for me. Needless to say my duties at home went in a tail spin. To keep up the house I hired a lady to come and clean and tried to give BW a hand at the store on a Saturday or two.  I am happy that this employee is now back at work and healthy and I am back to my status as of the first of this month. Well, as you can expect I developed some bad habits and last week BW has ramped up my re-training regiment. BW had let the housekeeper go. She didn't work out and now that I am back at home it is my responsibility. The first few days at home I did some cleaning and organizing. On the second evening BW brought to my attention a few jobs on the list that had not been done and a few that were not done to her satisfaction and I would have to do them after dinner while she was home to supervise me. I was ordered to the bedroom, told to strip off my clothes and take my punishment position over the side of the bed with my bottom in the air and legs spread open and wait for her. I don't know about other submissives but this position always gets me thinking as I am exposed and showing my most vulnerable parts. After what seemed like an eternity I heard her footsteps on the stairs and she came into the room with a small basin of water with something in it. Unfortunately it was a plug of fresh ginger root peeled and shaped like a dildo. I absolutely hate being figged. She told me that she needed to get my attention and get me back on tract. I would much rather be spanked hard than the figging but the figging was going to happen. Soon I felt my anus being wettened and probed and that ginger root pressed on the outer rim of my hole. She is an expert in giving just the right amount of pressure and letting the anus get used to something coming its way. After a few moments I felt my anus opening and soon the ginger root was inserted fully and properly up my ass. If you have never been figged, the sting does not happen immediately but builds up over time. I thought that I would be spanked but instead was put in my frilly panties, bra and maid outlet. and put to work. The first few minutes were not too bad but soon my ass hole was on fire. But no dice I had work to do. The problem could be controlled it you do move around too much. You certainly don't want to clench your ass cheeks together. However doing my cleaning and moving how I had do set off a lot of burn. After what seems a long time BW took pity on me and  lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties and removed the offending root. And taking it out is also not fun. BW said that since I was in discomfort six stokes with the cane should be not hard to take. Well I don't know if I agree with that statement, because my bottom was  burning when she was done.


  1. Oh my goodness. I have heard and read about ginger root but have never experienced it and I hope I never have to. Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds you go exactly the kind of "re-training" you need.

  2. Wow! I sure hope my wife doesn't learn of the ginger root punishment. Curious reading of your retaining this morning. Thank you for sharing it. I guess I should consider myself lucky. I was retrained yesterday with a string of balls in my bottom and frilly panties. I did pretty well so no spanking.

  3. I was also re trained this past weekend. I was tied with my hands high in the air to a hook in her walk in closet for 3 hours. My wife put me in a diaper, gave me 2 large glasses of water to drink, then tied me up. Then she put plastic pants over the diaper up my legs. I was told I better not wet the diaper or I would be punished further. She checked on me often, but I am never allowed to speak while tied. After what may have been 2 hours, I could not hold it any more and I released some pee into the diaper. Boy, I really tried not to. When she let me down later she checked my diaper, found it wet, and now I am being punished all week. Numerous hours of housework, some jobs over and over again as well as lots of corner time. No tv or recreation, just slave duties.