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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Whole New Year

Here we in the second week of a new year. Business at the auto parts store remains busy. Actually the slower months are during the holidays. Guess not many people are interested in giving auto parts for Christmas. We did a few late nights of inventory which is always a pain in the ass job. But beautiful tries to make it as painless as possible and she bought everyone pizza for dinner one late night. One of the employees at the store is beautiful wife's cousin. He has worked there all of his working life and he is fully aware of consequences that I might face should there be a problem or mistake. The other three guys are oblivious.  Whether or not cousin has spilled the beans is hard to tell but the other men don't act like they know what is up.  Since my work days at my long time job have calmed down considerably, BW feels that she needs help at work and it keeps my mind occupied. I am the gofer. The delivery boy, the one who cleans the toilet, sweeps the floor and keeps the lunch room neat. I enjoy it and it is nice to be close to BW. But the cane is kept behind one of the file cabinets in her office and I have been bare bottomed over her desk for infractions. Yesterday was not a good day for me. I was delivering auto parts to customers (auto repair shops) and I delivered the wrong part. The guy was not too happy about it as he had a job to get done. After he called and told beautiful wife about it I immediately went and got the part and delivered it to him. Oops, you guessed it, still wrong. Beautiful wife had told me what to bring but in my mind I thought I knew what he wanted so did not listen carefully enough. Well he called and blasted BW. She had to sooth his feathers, get one of the guys to deliver the right part (I was still out with the delivery van) and offer him a discount, apologize and eat crow. I knew something was up when I got back to the store about a half hour before closing. After closing everyone except cousin, BW and me left. BW told me to go fetch the cane, take off all my clothes and present myself to her at a workbench in the back of the store. I reminded her that cousin was there but she did not have any sympathy for that. So humbled, I stripped brought her the cane and got into the humiliating position of nose down, bare bottom up. And the stokes began and they stung. Of course cousin came in and he enjoyed seeing me punished. Apparently he annoyed BW and he was ordered to bare his bottom for a few strokes. After few he was wishing he had left with the others. His was no where near the intensity that mine was but we both had very tender behinds. If nothing else, I think that he will definitely rethink telling anyone our secret as his might get out. I do have to say, as evil as it is, that I enjoyed seeing cousin's bottom getting whipped.

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  1. You mean my childhood wasn't typical?? There was always a water pump or a set of plug wires under the tree for me...