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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FLR-When will I learn?

By now, those of you that are kind enough to read my blog know that I am very happy in my FLR. I enjoy not being in charge and I enjoy some of the playful punishments and maybe to some extent, some of the not so playful punishments. But the fact is, I am a man who can be very stubborn. The beautiful wife (BW) works very hard at her family's business. An auto parts store. She is a successful business woman and I truly admire her. My line of work is totally difference as a business consultant and I have more freedom with my work schedule than she. This is why I am the housekeeper and the cook. Last Saturday, the phone rang at 6 am (always not a good sign) and it was the parts driver delivery man from the store advising BW that he could not come to work because he was sick. Now, I have helped in the past and can do the job since all I have to do is deliver the parts and not pick them out. BW said to me " I have a very busy day today and you will have to be the part deliverer." I had other plans, and I had a little tantrum about it. I knew pretty quickly that I had screwed up. I immediately got my pants and underpants lowered and a quick hard paddling on the bare bottom. Yes it got my attention. I was not given my pants back but ordered upstairs and she would "help me" get ready for work. Up the stairs I went with a bare behind. In the bedroom, I was placed in "diaper position" and secured in a bulky adult diaper and rubber pants. (I don't like that) and then told to dress in my work uniform for the store. Since I acted like a baby, I was going to be treated like one. I spent Saturday and Sunday diapered and having to ask to have my diaper changed. I will say that it was unique wondering if any one I came in contact with knew I was in a diaper and of course if I needed to wiz, I just let loose.

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  1. Dana-
    I love it when I get a 'good boy' paddling. I hate it when I get paddled for some kind of misbehavior. But the best part is that I am with a Lady who won't hesitate to paddle me when its needed.

    It sounds like your Lady is in the same mind set.