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Sunday, March 4, 2012


The word probation can bring a lot of visions to one's mind. Usually it refers to the status of a person convicted of a crime. Although in my case, I committed a crime in our household, but I have not read any court cases about it. Beautiful wife (BW) had a very busy day Saturday and I was in the mood all day and I hoped that Saturday night would be chance for us to make love. No such luck, BW was dead tired and we went to bed early. She dozed off but I could not escape the interest by my second head. Finally, I needed relief so off I went to the bathroom to take care of the need. (Bad move) Apparently when I got up I woke up BW and she followed me to the bathroom after a few minutes and caught me masturbating. Well, I would have if I could have had a few more minutes. BW hates that, and she ordered me back to the bedroom and I got a very "unfun" spanking and by the time she was done my bottom matched the color of the City's fire trucks. And that is appropriate because my bottom was on fire! I wasn't thinking about masturbating at that moment. Out of the bottom bureau drawer came the chastity belt that we got from "Locked in Steel" and I expect to be locked up for a while. Very embarrassing, and to quote the good woman, I am on "probation".


  1. BW does not like masterbating I assume. LOL

    How long will this probation be????

    Maybe next time, roll over and GO to sleep and remember....masterbating is NOT a good idea.

  2. while reading this i realized that we men aren't fast learners. so we will need additional help even in future.

    i have to thank my beloved Mistress for Her caring but strict treatment.

  3. Hi,mine as been keen to get me into a chastity as over the years shes caught me at it.She usually holds me in her hand then whacks me with the riding crop!I was wondering which device you are fitted with and are they available in the UK.Yes I treasure mine for her ever loving care. .davetouchingtoes