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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a weekend!!!

As mentioned previously we were expecting house guests and they arrived late Friday afternoon. Janet, her husband Vincent and her sister Joyce. They are fun people and we had a very nice time with them and we were somewhat naughty. Although I must tell you I was corrected several times over the weekend and I might say this more than once, my bottom is very sore. Beautiful wife "BW" made sure that we were ready for our guests. I had spent two days cleaning and making our home comfortable for all. On Friday afternoon, BW made sure that I was wearing proper panties and a nice French Maid's outfit that she bought on line. This is what I was wearing when Janet, Vinc and Joyce arrived. BW enjoyed their reaction very much, especially Joyce's because it was the first time we met her and I am sure she did not know what to expect. After modeling my outfit and showing my frilly panties and BW explaining that I was safely locked in chastity and what she thinks the benefits of that are; we offered our guests some appetizers and a cocktail. Janet was not pleased with her rum and coke as I had not used the proper brand of rum and after consultation with BW, Janet put me over her lap, pulled down my panties and hand spanked my bare bottom. If that was to be a warm up, I was in deep crap because it was very hard and it certainly got my attention. You can expect that I will remember what brand she prefers in the future. For a moment, the old conservative me was back and I was very embarrassed that I was being spanked by a woman who was not my wife and also in front of an audience. At that moment, Vincent quite happy to see get a licking and it felt like I was the only bottom in the room. That feeling was just a fleeting one as it passed with the increased heat and the redness of my behind matched that of my face. After that spanking and I pulled dinner together, I was getting excited but couldn't do much about it in my chastity. Saturday, BW and Janet went into town to shop with Vince in tow, to carry the packages. I took Joyce on a tour of the historical places in our community. She was very interested in all the ins and outs of a FLR. She is very quiet person (or so I thought). We all met up for Saturday dinner during discussions of where we should go out to eat, it was mentioned that both Vincent and I had not been exactly "perfect" all day so a spanking would be in order. Joyce asked BW if she could spank me and soon I was over Joyce's lap with pants and panties lowered and (watch out for quiet ones) she literally made my behind jump with each strike, I got a lot of them before I was allowed up. Vincent got to go over BW's lap and soon his bottom matched the red of mine and I must admit it gave me a lot of satisfaction to see him finally get what he needed. Saturday night when BW and I were in our bedroom we had a discussion about the day and BW told me that just because she had allowed the other woman to pull down my panties and spank me did not mean that she did not care about me or love me any less. That is what I love about BW. She takes care of me and knows what is good for me. To show her love I positioned myself in the "love position" and she donned her strap-on and made passionate love after which she took off the chastity and allowed me to relieve my built up tension. Maybe this chastity thing is not that Sunday, back in chastity, I made a big breakfast and we all had a leisurely morning with our guests, before they headed back to Connecticut. But before they left both Vincent and I were again bare bottomed and spent some quality time across each of the ladies laps. After they left, safety locked in chastity, pulled up my panties over my very sore behind, got dressed and did my chores. What a weekend, I am still having trouble sitting.


  1. Good for you Dana, sounds like you and your lovely wife had a great weekend.

    I enjoy weekends like that, where your bottom is kept bright red by the ladies, and you feel the burn long afterwards.

    Great Post


  2. This is amazing... what an exciting gathering!! :)