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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Miscellaneous Ramblings

A few weeks has passed since our visitors were with us and life in our household continues on. Beautiful wife (BW) has been busy at work and I have had some time to do some work around the house. I have a list, no I can't call it a "honey-do" list, as it is a list I had better do or "pay the consequences" list. One of my jobs was to build a cart with castors on the bottom with a small cabinet with drawers and also an upright peg board with hooks. This will be used to storage BW's paddles, belts, cane and toys. I finished it yesterday and if I say so myself it turned out very nice. It can be easy tranported to where it is needed, can be put away easily, if we have guests with a gentler constitution than us. It also can be easy retrieved if a husband needs the feel of a paddle on his bottom. BW will experiment with it and perhaps will leave it in a place so that it will be visible at all times and a man might think twice about his behavior. I will let you know if it helps me stay in line. BW continues having fun buying toys through the internet. One new one recently acquired is what is called a "cum along". It is a leather strap the winds in a circle to encircle the man's balls and cock. BW can then cinc it tight and lead the individual to whom the cock is attached to where she wants him to be. So if anyone thinks BW is leading me around by the cock, they would be right. Due to my propensity to masturbate I am in chastity most of the time. Actually that works well as when time comes to use it, it is ready. A few times lately I have not acted as required. I was released to take a shower and I masturbated. The rest of the day I was on my knees with the humbler locked on and I wished I hadn't done that. I have to admit, I would have rather gotten a spanking.


  1. Well, I like the cum along... but the humbler sounds like a rough way to spend the day!!

  2. but this way the punishment fits the crime!