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Monday, April 30, 2012

In Service to my Goddess

It was another weekend that went very quickly. Beautiful wife (BW) still has me in chastity after deciding that I could not be trusted not to masturbate. I will say that the chastity does calm me down and keep me focused on BW. We had a very nice day together yesterday. As I had completed all of the housework on Saturday, we had yesterday to relax. We decided to go out to lunch and for that I got into a brand new pair of very silky pink panties and a garter belt and stocking to wear under my slacks that BW thought would look nice. At the restaurant she told me that she would choose and order my lunch. When the waitress came to our table she automatically looked towards me and looked a little surprised when "BW" ordered for both of us including what I was drinking. "BW" wanted to reinforce who is in charge in this relationship. It also is worth noting that while in chastity I have to sit on the toilet to pee as I cannot stand up. BW thinks that even while not in chastity she will require me to sit to pee all the time to keep me focused on my second in command status. I did have to use the restroom once and couldn't help but think if any one might have questions if they were to see under the toilet stall, the clothing that has to come down for me to pee. (But another thought!).

It was a beautiful day and after a nice walk and then she told me that she needed to be satisfied when we got home. I was excited and thought that my member would be released from his prison. That was not the case. At home we both undressed and she positioned her womanhood so that I could worship it and bring to climax with my tongue. Apparently I did a good job. After her release spent a few minutes cuddling, and then she donned her strap on and took me in the position that I am now very familiar with. My member was a little uncomfortable because he couldn't do anything about it as the dildo found a rhythm in and out and probed deeply into my nether parts.


  1. Dana,
    I've yet to experience being pegged while locked up, but can appreciate that it is rather uncomfortable. Does BW ever climax as she pounds your behind. It seems to me that that might make any discomfort worthwhile.

    1. Harry, she tells me that one of the new strap ons that she recently got (the one she used the other day) does stimulate and excite. I can usually tell by the intensity of the fucking.

  2. Dana-
    What a nice description of your weekend. Its always interesting to see the reaction of the wait staff at a restaurant when Cora decides to take charge and make the order.

  3. Dana: I agree with Ken that it is interesting to see the reactions when Cindy orders for both of us. That has been a rare occasion, so I shall suggest it sometime soon.
    bottoms up