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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Upcoming weekend

I am at home today getting my housework done as the beautiful wife "BW" and I are expecting houseguests tomorrow night. Our FLR friends, Janet and Vincent and Janet's sister Joyce are expected. I have never met Joyce but she knows how it works with Janet and Vinc and probably also with the BW and me. It is beautiful out but my inside tasks are taking priority. The girls will be going shopping in town on Saturday and I don't know what Vinc and will be doing. Since my last post that I mentioned I was on probation, things are going well, although I am not completely released from chastity. BW does like the fact that when it comes off I am ready to go. Actually, I like that too. I have managed to avoid punishments as I have tried to be good although we have had a few erotic spankings with our lovemaking that were very nice. BW has made it clear that this weekend I had better remember that the women are in charge. She has given Janet permission to correct whatever needs to be corrected and she is also assuming that for Vincent. I am wondering how Joyce will fit into this scenerio but time will tell. Joyce has never visited the Minuteman Park and the historical sites here so BW thinks that I could be the tour guide for those. I am having a lot of fun thinking of what might happen although I have to be careful as my chastity device does not mix with an erection.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend to me, three women and two men. Wish I was a fly on the wall, although getting caught might not be fun (or would it lol)

    Good Luck Dana!!


  2. Dana... We'll all be waiting for a full report on Monday. I expect that it will be very interesting.