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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And life continues

Like everyone else, life can get busy. Beautiful wife "BW" has been very busy the past few weeks with her business. I have been moderately busy and our special lifestyle has been somewhat quiet until this week. "BW" has gotten very fond of Don and of course because of that I have accepted what happens. Actually Don is a nice guy. "BW" is excited  because he is a man's man and is very gifted in building and fixing things. The total opposite of myself. Don and "BW" have decided that I am to be in chastity whenever we are not together (if practical). I have gotten used to chastity on a normal day to day basis but during our play time it is a big challenge. Earlier this week I received a call from "BW" who was on her way home, she said that Don was coming to dinner and for me to cook dinner and for me to be in the frilly pink panties and nothing else. I had no more than hung up the phone with her when Don called with the same instructions and also the news that he was unhappy about a few things I said and we would have a discussion later after they were both there. Don arrived first and he came into the house carrying a large box. I was busy getting dinner ready (I was in the frilly pink panties as directed) but fixed Don a drink and he settled down in the den to relax. "BW" arrived and she also went into the den to relax before dinner. We sat down and ate dinner and the talk eventually got around to the fact that I had not been properly disciplined for too long. Then I was ordered to bend over the kitchen island. Don took out a leather strap, pulled my panties down so my bare bottom was exposed and proceeded to whip my bottom. It really hurt. "BW" couldn't resist trying the strap and laying on several additional hard strokes. My rump was thoroughly toasted and in no uncertain terms, hurt! After the spanking, I was encouraged when Don took out the key to the chastity device and removed it I immediately "sprang" to action but then "BW" came out with the ball parachute and weights. Soon the parachute was in place and experiments were made about how much weight should be applied. I was then marched upstairs with the swinging ball weights swinging and hanging to spend some quality "corner" time. If I fussed or complained I got a smack with the wooden paddle on my already sore bottom for my trouble. It was a challenge to stand in the corner with the weight pulling and stretching my balls. After what I thought was a long while "BW" took pity on me and removed the weights and had me lay over the edge of the bed to service her. Don still had a few tricks in his box such as the big butt plug that he demonstrated his great patience to have it properly placed right where it was intended. And if you are interested, the chastity was once more locked in place. I will leave the rest of the evening to your vivid imaginations.


  1. Oh what a tease! Wonderfully hot posting, good to see Don knows his way around a leather strap!