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Friday, November 16, 2012

A night out

I got a call this morning from Beautiful Wife "BW" and she told that Don would stop by the house with a package and that we are going to a friend of Don's for dinner this evening in the city. I probably did not respond as I should have so I probably will be paying for that sometime tonight. I don't know who Don's friend is but was not worried too much about it. That is, until Don dropped out the package. It is a package of clothes that Don said was what I am wearing tonight so get ready. He offered to help me get ready and upstairs we went with the package. He told me to strip completely and do it quick. Not wanting to get in any deeper and I know the drill soon I was stripped naked. He told out of the bag an adult diaper. I asked if he was kidding, and he said, absolutely not and he was getting me in the diaper and for now, I have no toilet privileges. I hope I don't have to do anything serious. So I am in a plastic disposal diaper with a pair of plastic pants. And the clothes I have to wear are a pretty pinafore dress with bows and high heels. Don left to do some more errands and I am waiting for BW to arrive home and Don to come back as I guess I am ready as I can be for some humilation and punishment. Should be an interesting night and yes the dress is short and my diapered bottom is very visible.


  1. Please tell us more!

  2. since you havent posted since nov I am guessing that was the night your wife realized a real man would never allow
    another man to come in the middle of the marital spankings
    and allow another man to humiliate him like that and ran off with real man Don. Am I pretty acurate with my prediction?

    1. Due to the length of time between postings, that is a fair thought. fortunately for me, it did nit happen