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Monday, August 27, 2012

Properly Punished

In my FLR I work hard to behave in an acceptable manner and to understand my position. I need to be reminded once in a while (ok, quite often). It is a great relationship and I have asked for it and I need it. There are many men who simply do not understand that an FLR is wonderfully liberating. I have always enjoyed spanking activity, but in a former relationship that was not a possibility. In this relationship (we have been married 7 years), spanking is used as needed. Sometimes an erotic spanking but mostly it is punishment and while the thought of it gets me going that actual event is another story. The beautiful wife has talking about how our lifestyle should not be a "secret" that we practice behind closed doors. No we will not be running down the Main Street announcing it but it is what it is. She has been mentioning to me that she thinks that I would remember better and correct my actions better if the punishment were immediately administered. Of course, this is not always easy. Last weekend we had a handyman in the house putting in a new floor in one of our bathrooms. We were downstairs, (he was up stairs working) and we both kind of "forgot" he was in the house. And I stepped out of line and was ordered in a very loud voice to march upstairs to our bedroom and get the strap out and wait, which I did. She was very upset with me. Very quickly she came up to the bedroom and yacked down my pants and underpants, turned up my bottom and strapped me. It hurt and I was kicking up a storm when we noticed that we had an audience. I was mortified, but the beautiful wife decided "Oh well, can't worry about that now and I have husband who needs a spanking." After the spanking and I am sure my face was as red as my ass, I heard beautiful wife say to the handyman "Sorry you had to see that, but my husband should know better because he knows what happens if he acts out." I tried to put myself together the best I could and quickly went downstairs. At the end of the day as the handyman asked me to come up to look at the job and ask a few questions about some other work we wanted done, he asked me with a grin if I could sit down. I said, "Well not too well." He laughed and said that judging by what he saw, I was properly punished. I don't know how many of this friends he told, but he is coming back on Friday to complete another project.


  1. That's a great wife you have there Dana, a little embarrassment goes a long way, don't you think??

    We have a few friends that know my Wife spanks me, but no strangers yet.


  2. Lovely and inspiring! Perhaps he can lend a hand next time? I would pay the handyman overtime to see that!

  3. HI,Its david from davetouchingtoes,mine spanks me anywhere not wait till I get you home,carparks she lifted the boot or tailgate dropped my pants and whack-whack ,changing rooms in department stores.anywhere, she just punishes me when ever I deserve it.keep cheeks rosy david

  4. My wife has mentioned my spankings several times in front of friends. I just laugh it off and I don't think they believe her. I would love one time for her to take me in the other room and spank me and have them hear it. And Juliesp that would be so hot to have a man make me pull my pants down, put me over his knee and spank me in front of my wife