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Monday, July 9, 2012

So who is in charge?

 We had a very busy long weekend and a great 4th of July holiday. We entertained family and friends and it was good to see and visit with them. We had guests from the 4th through Friday afternoon. That is the funny thing about company, it is wonderful to have them come and equally nice when they leave. As you can imagine there were a lot of chores that needed to be done. Beautiful wife "BW" said that she would help me by stripping the beds and I would need to get the kitchen cleaned up, dishes washed, things put back together etc. Since it was getting late on Friday I promised to get to the kitchen chores first thing on Saturday morning.  On Saturday morning, I woke up very early and I thought that I would go to the 24hr gym that I use, get my workout in and then come back and tackle the kitchen all before "BW" gets up. That seemed like a good idea until I got back at 7 am and "BW" was already up and not too happy that I hadn't cleaned up the kitchen first. To tell you the truth I was surprised that she was so unhappy about and voiced my opinion on the matter which didn't help me much. It happened very fast but I soon found myself with my gym shorts at my knees, my jock still on and my bare bottom very accessable. My bottom got acquainted with the paddle. It was not the hardest or most painful spanking that I have gotton but I was glad when it was over. The next few hours, dressed in a pair of panties to remind me of my place I cleaned up the kitchen and if I say so myself it looked great when I was finished.

In the afternoon, "BW" and I went car shopping. I know that I have mentioned previously that we are in complete agreement and very comfortable with our FLR. Well, things at the car dealer didn't go very well as the saleman kept talking over her to me. I tried to help by reminding him that I was not the one buying the car, she was, so talk to her. He didn't get it, he kept calling her the "the little lady" and was she sure that the particular model she picked out was the one she wanted and would I let her have the money for it. Yikes!!! Needless to say, she didn't buy that car and I sat in silence as she ranted about it on the way home. I hoped I would not get another spanking just because I am the same gender as the car saleman. And, she didn't take out her frustrations on me, which was good as I was still sporting some tenderness for the kitchen incident.


  1. Guess you lucked out Dana, and I'm sure given the chance that salesman would be the one sporting a really sore bottom if BW had her way!!

    Wish I had been the salesman, would have been interesting, LOL

  2. Saleswomen are great. When we're inquiring about a purchase, it doesn't take then any time at all to realize that they should be talking to Mrs. H. Men, as you've discovered, especially older guys, are complete dolts, and with products where it's more likely for a man to be making the purchase (cars, boats, RVs. Sporting goods) they are worse.

    I was in sales at one time, selling an item that often purchased by folks renovating their homes. I always kept my conversation directed at, and listened to both members of the couple until they signalled, in one way or another, which of the two I should be dealing with, if it was to be just one. It's just common courtesy (and good salesmanship).

  3. Dana: I think the spanking helped relieve the stress of visitors, and putting you both back on an even keel.
    As for the salesman, I think you should have reported him to his boss and then left.
    bottoms up

  4. Yes, love knowing I'm not the only one who cleans wrong! :)

    And have lived thru that car-buying nightmare! My Wife now just goes out without me, then tells me what she bought.