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Monday, June 18, 2012

Time to be Grounded

I hope all Fathers out there had a good Father's day. I had a great day, a visit from one of my children and phone calls for the two children who are scattered far from me. One on the West Coast and one deep in the heart of Texas. Beautiful Wife "BW" also gave me a nice card and a gift of two new rose bushes even thought I am not her father nor is she the mother of my children.

This morning at breakfast it was noted that I had not contributed anything new to my blog since mid-May and it was suggested that my laziness would be corrected after breakfast. My previous post was on May 17th and as it is now June 18th is has been 32 days since my last post and so she thought that one smack per day per instrument in the "special drawer" would be appropriate. I was soon over her knee with bottom bared in position for re-acquaintance with several paddles and straps. I now know that in the "special drawer" are 17 different implements. So 17X32= 544 smacks. Some were not that hard and some quite hard. As usual I needed it and I feel great with that feeling of a very warm well spanked bottom.

I always appreciate all your comments as those of us in FLRs do understand the total picture.


  1. Ouch...ouch!! :)

  2. Much more than OUCH!!! YOWWWWWWWWWWW!
    write more often