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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hump day or attention to the hump?

This week is flying by. Since I have some time, I am "helping" out at beautiful wife's (BW) auto parts store. When I say "helping" I mean I am the grunt. Delivery, stock room cleaner, cleaning the rest rooms. I hope I am helping. After running a business with high stress, this is a nice change to be one of the grunts. Although BW is my boss. This morning while getting dressed she told to wear a jock strap instead of undershorts. So dressed in a jock and in my "workingman's uniform" off to work we go. About an hour ago she came me and told me she liked the way my bottom looked in my pants with the jock underneath and to come into her office. She brought me in the office, pulled down my pants had me bend over a chair with my nose to the chair seat and my bottom high in the air. In back of a filing cabinet she pulled out a cane and went to town on my bottom. Man it hurt and an hour later is still burning. Two guys were at the front counter working, I imagine they know what happened as it did have a distinctive sound and the office door isn't too sound proof. Now off to make deliveries, I won't be sitting very comfortably.

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